Hiding Away at Kievits Kroon Country Estate


Also known as: the Winelands in Gauteng,

Kievits Kroon is a perfect hideaway.

Kievits Kroon is situated just outside of Pretoria and is a mere 45 minutes’ drive out of Johannesburg. Without venturing too far, it feels like you’re whisked straight out of Gauteng and you have landed in the middle of Franschhoek.

As you drive through the long driveway you are greeted by big arching trees and Cape Dutch architecture. It is no wonder why Kievits Kroon has been described as the Winelands in Gauteng. The vineyards aren’t present but the atmosphere is definitely there.

A few weekends ago we had the pleasure of spending a perfect night at Kievits Kroon. It was the ideal hideaway out of Johannesburg. With such a short drive, it felt like we were far far away on a secluded country estate, in the middle of the Cape.

our suite

We checked into our VIP suite on a perfect sunny Saturday. Our suite was nestled away, far from the main area of the Manor House. Our little home on the hill was private, secluded, welcoming and cozy. It had everything we needed. From the most comfortable bed, to a huge jacuzzi bath, a tea and coffee counter and a large lounge area.

Next time I visit Kievits Kroon, I would love to try a traditional zulu hut … They come with thatched roofs, cool interiors and are decorated in an ethnic style.

the picnic

After checking in and having a quick lie down, we were whisked away for an afternoon picnic. The picnic is set up on the perfectly manicured lawns of the estate. It is no ordinary picnic, it is something so very special. The hotel will supply the picnic blanket, cushions and a basket of gourmet treats. From a delicious Greek salad, to cheese and crackers, fresh bread and patés, smoked salmon and cold meats, and an array of fruit and desserts, just to name a few. All you have to do is get cozy on the picnic blanket and decide on a glass of your favourite wine from the award-winning wine list.

Decisions, decisions.

the spa

Kievits Kroon is famous for their spa and it is no wonder why. It is spacious and ultra luxurious. They ensure the guests are pampered, relaxed and rejuvenated. Their attention to detail is impeccable and what I loved is how attentive and professional the therapists are.

The spa provides you with complimentary snacks and drinks on arrival. Before your treatment, you are taken into the relaxation room for a bit of pre-unwinding. The relaxation room plays the most serene music and allows your mind to enter a state of total relaxation. Before and after your treatment you can make use of the indoor heated pool, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas or  Swiss showers.

We enjoyed the signature Winelands Spa Experience. For 90 minutes we were in total heaven.

wining and dining

Dinner that night was a gourmet feast together with wine pairing at Granita. The food was delightful and each course was paired with a wine that complimented each dish. From amuse bouche, to roasted quail and a duo of lamb rack and springbok loin, each dish was delicious. My favourite was definitely dessert, which was a frozen tiramisu.

Breakfast the next morning comprised of smoked salmon, oysters and mimosas. The breakfast buffet was a feast for the eyes and the stomach. After breakfast we enjoyed a mid morning swim before having to check out.

We had an absolutely wonderful time at Kievits Kroon. We will definitely return for another weekend hideaway, or for a special occasion. Like a Valentine’s Day getaway. Hint hint!

Kievits Kroon is a quick escape out of the city and makes for a perfect romantic weekend getaway, especially for Valentine’s Day.

If you want to take advantage for Valentine’s Day and celebrate at Kievits Kroon, they have put together 3 totally romantic packages. More info here.

Thank you Kievits Kroon for the stay over. As with all posts, the opinions are my own.



  1. Kievits Kroon is one of my favourite places in Gauteng. The food, the spa, the rooms, the picnic – they’re all amazing. Oh, and I also want to stay in a Zulu hut the next time I go! They look so cute.


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