My favourite meal of the day without a doubt is breakfast. I love that you can either have something sweet like flapjacks or something savoury like eggs and toast and no one will judge. I always say the earlier I go to sleep then the earlier I can wake up which means the sooner I can eat my breakfast … Yip, thats how much I love breakfast!

I have put together a list of my top 10 best breakfast spots in and around Johannesburg that we frequent all the time. What I love most about these places is firstly, the food; secondly, the coffee and thirdly, the atmosphere. I will also tell you what I always order at each restaurant. I am a creature of habit and don’t often veer from my favourites.

1. Tasha’s – Melrose Arch

The best thing about Tasha’s is they serve breakfast all day! So if you rock up here at 4 in the afternoon, you will definitely get your scrambled eggs on toast happily served to you. I also like that you can change up the menu however you like and there won’t be a problem. Often at other restaurants when you swop this for that or say no x but extra y, they hesitate before saying they’ll have to ask the manager. At Tasha’s you can create your own dish without any hesitation!

My favourite things to order: Dr Paw Paw, Citrus Sunrise or the Mini Breakfast (pictured above but with macon)

Click here to view Tasha’s website

2. The Fat Zebra – Linden

Linden is one my favourite neighbourhoods based on the fat that there are so many different restaurants to choose from. It has fast become a foodie’s haven. I’m going to be doing a post on all the best spots in Linden, so stay tuned. One of my absolute absolute absolute favourite breakfast spot though is The Fat Zebra. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this little restaurant. The food is outstanding, the service is impeccable and the atmosphere is so cozy! They also make the best poached eggs ever – they are always perfect every time. And the best thing is, they don’t taste like vinegar!

My favourite things to order: two poached eggs, macon, creamy parmesan mushrooms and ciabatta toast. I also love the maple crumpet mountain.

Address: 71 7th St, Linden

Click here to view The Fat Zebra’s Facebook page

3. Glenda’s – Hyde Park

A restaurant oozing with style and chic, it is no wonder we love to eat here on Sunday mornings. The food is just as glamorous as the decor. I always feel like I’m in a café in the heart of London when I eat at Glenda’s and I just love it!

My favourite thing to order: smashed avo toast.

Address: Hyde Square, Corner Jan Smuts Avenue and North Road, Hyde Park.

Click here to view Glenda’s menu

4. Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar – Melville

A restaurant that specialises in just eggs is definitely my kind of restaurant. From classic scrambled eggs with toast, to omelettes, deep fried eggs, eggs and soldiers and even shakshuka, the menu is rather interesting! Just know though that on the weekends there are long queues, so try go as early as possible or better yet, visit on a week day!

My favourite thing to order: eggs and soldiers.

Address: 2 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg

5. Nice – Parkhurst

We have been regulars at Nice ever since my university days (which is a long time!). We just love this cozy little restaurant in Parkhurst’s very viby 4th Avenue for a lazy weekend breakfast. Nice is famous for their egg baskets. The egg baskets are made from 2 slices of toast and are filled with eggs, bacon and tomato relish. My favourite though is the vegetarian basket which is filled with eggs, mushrooms, tomato relish and avocado.

My favourite thing to order: half and half.

Click here to view Nice’s menu

Address: 37 4th Ave, Cnr 14th street, Parkhurst

6. Motherland Coffee – Sandton City

Saturday mornings are for shopping and as much as I hate shopping centres, sometimes we can’t avoid them completely. A Motherland Coffee has opened up in Sandton which makes Saturday morning shopping a lot more bearable. I love their coffee and I absolutely love their mini banana loafs. Together, these make for one very yummy breakfast on a Saturday morning!

My favourite thing to order: a cuppacino and a mini banana loaf.

Address: Lobby of the Sandton Tower, 5th street, Sandton

7. Fab Cafe & Gelato – Linden and Parkhurst

Fab is a little coffee shop specialising in absolutely delicious gelato but also offering some of the best breakfast in Johannesburg.  The first Fab opened in Parkhurst a while ago and recently another one just opened in Linden! As you walk in the gelato will definitely catch your eye, but grab a seat, enjoy a cuppa and some breakfast, then grab the gelato!

My favourite thing to order: classic belgian waffle or the freshly baked scones.

Click here to view Fab’s menu

8. Croft & Co – Parkview

Croft & Co is located in Tyrone Avenue, Parkview. I love Tyrone Avenue because this little street has some very cozy shops as well as so much character. It reminds me of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls … don’t ask me why! And Croft & Co reminds me of Luke’s Diner.

My favourite thing to order: the creamiest scrambled eggs and toast

Click here to view Croft & Co’s menu

Address: 66 Tyrone Ave, Parkview

9. Loof Coffee – Norwood

Loof Coffee is just off Grant Avenue in Norwood. I love that they serve all types of coffee, from cortados to cold brews and everything in between. They also make delicious croissants as well as other freshly baked treats.

My favourite thing to order: a cortado and a croissant

Address: 87 Iris Rd, Norwood

10. Woolworths Cafe – Melrose Arch

You cannot go wrong with breakfast at woolies but my favourite though is the one in Melrose Arch. The coffee is great, the menu has a big selection and the service is always good. I also like sitting by the big window and watch what goes on outside.

My favourite thing to order: avo on toast.

Address: any Woolworths Cafe

Where is your favourite breakfast spot in Johannesburg?

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  1. Tahlia

    For when I am next in JHB, Pablo Eggs-go-bar is super high on my list of spots to try!

  2. Yolandi North

    Yum. I haven’t tried all of these yet, so I’m adding them to my list. You should also pop around to That Spot On 4th in Parktown North. It’s delightful. xxx


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