2018 is so close, I can already smell it! Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? I feel it flew by like the speed of light. It feels like just yesterday I celebrated my birthday in January and now its already a few weeks until Christmas.

With the new year just around the corner, there are a few things we should mentally note down to do, kind of like new years resolutions but less formal. So lets call them an informal to do list, shall we? I thought I should put them together in a blog post, so we can look back on them when the new year is here.

So in no particular order, here are 5 things to do in the new year:

1. Clean out your inbox – this means going through your inbox, deleting all the non-important emails, unsubscribing from useless mailing lists and replying to all pending emails waiting for a reply.

2. Get a value on your car – Yes, I know this is a bit of a weird one, but its always worth knowing the value of our assets if one day you have to sell them. So, if you’re in the market to get a new car and want to sell your car, the first thing you need to do is get a quote from Carzar and then you can proceed from there.

3. Spruce up your home – We always like to get some new things for our home in the new year. Be it linen, some new kitchen utensils or even a new pot plant. Its inspiring and makes for a fresh start!

4. Compile your travel bucket list – set your goals and plan your travels. This is a must, if you’re a traveller like me.

5. Evaluate you health and wellness – By saying this, I don’t mean do a complete 180 but just think about anything extra you can do for yourself when it comes to your health. Maybe drink more water, take the steps rather than the lift or even just eat breakfast every morning?

* This post is sponsored by Carzar.

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