5 useful tips for the next time you are at the airport

Airports are my happy place and I am sure they are yours too. Even if you are not flying anywhere, there is always such a buzz of excitement in the air (no pun intended). I love the anonymity at an airport where no one knows who you are or where you are  going. One of my favourite things to do at the airport is people watch. You see people from all walks of life. Not only is this interesting but also so fascinating!

OR Tambo International Airport is my local airport which I travel to and from often. It is also my favourite airport in South Africa but maybe that’s because I have a lot of memories here. Over the years I have gathered some useful hacks and tips that make my travels a lot easier.

I have put together a list of the top 5 tips for the next time you’re at the airport:

1. Always arrive at the airport early. Whether you are taking a domestic flight or an international flight, always make sure you arrive at the airport early. There is nothing worse than rushing, panicking and getting all worked up because you’re running so late for a flight. Before you leave for the airport, take into consideration whether there will be traffic, if it is raining or not or any other crucial factors that will make you late.

2. Check-in 24 hours before your flight. There two reasons why we always make sure we check-in 24 hours before our flight. Firstly, because we get to choose the good seats – we like to sit as close to the front as possible. And secondly, when you get to the airport you can then go straight to bag drop off which then saves you a lot of time!

3. Keep cash on you in Rands all the time. A few years ago when we were travelling to the Seychelles, we didn’t have Rands with us when we went through passport control to the international duty free side, and we learnt the hard way. I can’t remember why but we urgently needed cash and there were NO ATM’s, so security had to escort us out the international side to the ATM’s in the normal area of the airport and escort us back in. So just remember to keep cash on you all the time because you don’t want to make this mistake either.

4. Get picked up at the drop-off. This probably doesn’t make sense but let me explain. We always tell whoever is fetching us to fetch us from the upstairs drop off area because it is always so much easier. There is always available space for their car to slip in and out of and there isn’t traffic police ready to give a ticket if you’ve parked too long. The next time you’re at the airport, try it!

5. Keep an eye on your luggage all the time! I am so paranoid about this because we always hear stories of how someone can put something in your suitcase or hand luggage when we’re not looking! You don’t know what lurks at the airports and what they’re up to, so always remember to keep your luggage with you all the time.

PS: On my travel bucket list is to visit the beautiful white Zanzibar beaches. What is on yours?

This post is in collaboration with Travelstart.

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