Polka Dotty ♥ Nail Tutorial

With Easter nearly nearly here, I have decided to do another fun and easy tutorial. My favorite thing to snack on is speckled eggs (especially the ones from Woolies, oh em gee, I can eat a whole packet in one go!), so these little treats were the inspiration behind this manicure. If you haven’t seen the first one, you can see it HERE where you’ll notice I used all pastel shades. In this one, I’ve chosen polka dots as the look. This manicure is so easy, and all you need is three shades of polish you would like to use, and a bobby pin to do the polka dots with.

I used the following three shades:

♥ Essie – Boom Boom Boom
♥ Essie – Blanc
♥ Essie – Play Date


Pink is my absolute favorite colour, and purple normally goes beautifully with pink, so that is why I chose these shades. After I applied my base coat (OPI’s Nail Envy) I did two coats of each polish on my nails. I waited veeerrry long for them to dry, so that they were dry to the touch, before I started with the polka dots.

Now you’re probably wondering how on earth did I do the polka dots? All I used was the end of a bobby pin. I have millions lying around everywhere and I’m sure you do too, so you don’t need to go out and by special nail art dotting tools. All I did was bend the bobby pin open, so it is easy to use, I then put two little drops of the nail polish onto a piece of paper and dipped the round end of the bobby pin into the nail polish droplets and then polka dott’ed my nails. It is sooo easy, I promise you 🙂
As you can see my middle finger’s polka dots have a marble look as I mixed the pink and white up a bit. I then applied my top coat – I use Mavadry – and I was good to go 🙂


What do you think of this manicure? 🙂 
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24 thoughts on “Polka Dotty ♥ Nail Tutorial

  1. Nicole Reid says:

    So pretty! Love how you just used a bobby pin for the dots. I need to try this asap!!

  2. Loren (Minkys Blog) says:

    Aaah I wish Lily, I would jump onto a plane straight away! Maybe we can meet halfway (like in London?) and I’ll bring all my polishes with hehe – I wish!! Thank you for commenting ♥

  3. Loren (Minkys Blog) says:

    Hehe, thank you Kylie! Maybe one day I’ll do a video, but it is so easy and just takes a bit of practice. And, you need a steady and firm hand (which is quite tough, but not too bad) Thank you for commenting ♥

  4. Robyn says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL! I love both Easter manicures you have done and will attempt either of them 🙂 Lovely Loren!!

  5. Michelle says:

    I also did easter nails inspired by speckled eggs. I am obsessed with them too.
    LOVE this. I love how you ‘marbled’ the dots on the purple. Amazing!

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