Travel Diary: this is what we got up to in the Midlands


This post has been a long time coming because we were in the Midlands in March this year and it is already the end of July. But as they say, better late than never.

The Midlands is one of my absolute favourite areas in South Africa. I have done several posts on this area because I love it so much and some of the more recent ones are:

We like to visit the Midlands every year, especially in March/April when it is bearably cold and so very cozy. On our visit this year, this is what we got up to …

we stopped at chocolate heaven for our strawberry chocolate fix

Chocolate Heaven, in Nottingham Road, is my ultimate heaven and I can’t visit the Midlands without popping in for some goodies! I love how exciting this little shop is and how they create such interesting little treats with chocolate. I also find their chocolate to be smooth and so delicious. My favourite treat of all though is their strawberries and cherries dipped into chocolate. It is H E A V E N L Y!

Shop 1 The Junction Nottingham Road

we did the piggly wiggly parkrun

On the Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to make our way to Piggly Wiggly for the parkrun. This is one of the most beautiful parkruns we have ever done! Just to be able to run (ahem, walk!) through the countryside and even through the vineyards of Highgate Wine Farm, it was breathtaking! I cannot wait to do this parkrun again!

For more information on this parkrun click here

we had cheese and wine at abingdon wine estate

We visited Abingdon Wine estate, in Lions River, for the very first time and we just fell in love with this place! The wine, the food and the ambience was all just amazing! And lets not forget the picturesque setting in the heart of the the Midlands. I highly recommend their cheese platter … And their wine, of course!

we spent hours in the jacuzzi at brahman hills

We stayed at Brahman Hills (you can read more about our stay in this blog post) and I must say that we spent the majority of our time in the jacuzzi. It is the most beautiful setting and we just wanted to soak it all up! The views, the animals strolling by and fresh countryside air just made it so special!

we had coffee at steampunk coffee

After the parkrun on Saturday morning we thought it was only right that we went for a delicious coffee after so we headed to Steampunk Coffee. Besides for the coffee being great, the whole experience is worth stopping for! As you walk in an atmosphere and an aroma welcomes you. They also serve vegan pies but we’ll have to go back again to try them.

Thokans Garage, R103, Lions River


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