Hello, my name is Loren.

I am the creator of Minkys – a South African food, travel and lifestyle blog.

I am an attorney by qualification but a blogger by absolute passion.

Minkys came about when I was in the middle of my LLB law degree and I needed a creative outlet and an escape from all the textbooks, cases and legal jargon. Fast forward a good few years and my blog is now dedicated to delicious food, good wine, beautiful South Africa, hidden gems and a happy and healthy lifestyle.

As I am the writer, photographer and social media whiz, I strive to create content that provides value to my readers. I share my own personal experiences together with my own photos. You will never find a copy and paste or a photo that isn’t mine. I pride myself with the content I create, the photos I take and the stories I tell.

If you are new to the blog, here is a round up of some of my favourite posts:

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