Five Favourite Things: The Winter Edition


Winter is here in full swing. It is 5 degrees right now, I have a heater to my left, a cup of hot chocolate to my right and all I can think about is a hot bubble bath. Here are Five Things I have been loving lately, all which are helping fight the cold …

I know, I know, I am 28 years old, but I still wear a onesie with pride. If you are sitting reading this right now, shivering, I suggest you invest in a onesie. They are the warmest most comfortable things ever, especially the ones with the built-in socks, like this one from Woolworths. They are the perfect little outfit to lounge around at home in, sipping on a hot drink.
I can promise, if you get one, I won’t call the Fashion Police on you.

If you are wondering what is inside the mug? Its the Nomu Just Add Water Hot Chocolate. Head to Le Creuset and grab yourself a mug which comes with a sachet too. Score!

I featured my Swagger Boots over here but because I love them so much, I have to tell you about them again now that it is proper winter. I simply cannot get these boots off of my feet when I go out. They are so comfortable and so warm too. They go nicely over a pair of black jeans, leggings or even thick tights. For R699 from Saint and Summer they are a real winter winner.

When you are craving a cup of coffee and your sweet tooth needs satisfying, but you don’t want to waste unnecessary calories, a cup of Cinder Toffee flavoured Beanies Coffee is perfect. Beanies is the UK’s number one flavoured coffee brand and I couldn’t wait to try a cup. At 2 calories a pop, you don’t have to feel guilty at all when you’re onto your fourth cup for the day 😉 Available at Checkers.

If I’m not in a onesie, you will find me in my gown from Cotton On. This gown is so soft and fluffy and if I could wear it out as a tracksuit top, I would. I love the bright colouring and the grey detail. Available from Cotton On.

Hello, my name is Loren and I am a chocoholic. You will find a stash of chocolate hidden in the bottom drawer next to my bed. Ok, now that I have admitted my problem let me tell you introduce you to my new friend … Hello my name is coconut love, nice to sweet you!

Chocolate plus coconut = melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. The inside is a creamy coconut and pineapple filling which tastes exactly like a summer. What is better than tasting summer in winter? 😉

I have noticed that I seem to do my Five Things post on a Monday. Maybe its to appreciate all the things that make me happy for the rest of the week, but also, to help fight the Monday blues. If you have missed the last few Five things posts, you can read them here, here and here.


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