Homemade Bread, Jam and Wine at Vygevallei Farm Stall


Picture this: your alarm wakes you up at 4am. You want to be on the road by 4:30am in order to reach your destination in time and have a swim in the sea. You get into the car and you are finally on your way. You have taken your last sip of coffee from your travel mug and your stomach is grumbling for some breakfast. After driving 60km’s you finally see the sign …
Farm Stall 24 km.

Farm Stalls are little hidden gems on the side of the road that make for memorable pitstops on any road trip through South Africa. A farm stall allows you the opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a bite made from fresh local produce and stock up on snacks for the next leg of the journey. When I say fresh local produce, I am talking about freshly baked farm bread, homemade butter and cheeses, jams and preserves, local wine and dried fruit all of which are locally produced in the area.

 Vygevallei Farm Stall

On a recent road trip up the West Coast we stopped at Vygevallei Farm Stall for breakfast, some snacks and to explore this farm stall.

Vygevellai Farm Stall is on the West Coast Road (the R27) and is about an hours drive from Cape Town. The farm stall is home to a cozy little coffee shop, a wine house, an area for the kids to play and a little farmyard with some farm animals.

The cozy little coffee shop is cozy. I repeat: cozy. Especially in winter because there is a fire place ready to warm you up. They have a big selection on the menu, including slices of fresh baked farm bread with butter and jam. This is exactly what we came for, plus coffee. We got both, and we left wanting more.

 Jams & Preserves

Vygevallei Farm Stall is owned by the Louw family, who are also the owners of the Nuweland farm in Malmesbury. That means that the quality jams, preserves and wine Nuweland is famous for, are sold at Vygevallei Farm stall. What makes the jams and chutneys so different from most preserves we know is the rare combinations. Mrs Louw is known for putting together such contrasting combinations, that actually compliment each other perfectly. Such as olive and lemon jam, dried fig and pecannut paste, grape jam, nectarine and passionfruit jam, pineapple and apple conserve with cardamon, dried turkish fig jam and so on.

We tasted a few of the varieties and what perfect flavours. The flavours go so well and compliment each other perfectly. We ended up buying a few bottles of the dried turkish fig jam. Mrs Louw informed us that its a delicious addition to camembert cheese. And you know how I love my camembert cheese!

The Wine House

Vygevellai Farm Stall is also home to a wine shop. As small as the wine shop is they have a big selection of wines from 16 local cellars. The wine shop also stocks wine from Nuweland. Mr Louw of Nuweland is the only winemaker in South Africa that makes a fortified wine with sundried grapes that are not fermented.

After having a taste of the wine made from raisins, we bought a few bottles to take home. It’s not often you find a local gem wine like this. It is a perfectly sweet with a subtle flavour.

Vygevellai Farm Stall was the perfect first stop on our West Coast road trip. From the cozy fire place to warm us up, the most delicious farm bread and butter with coffee, to sampling jams and preserve combinations you wouldn’t think existed, and lastly falling in love with raisin wine, I cannot wait to return to this little hidden gem on the R27.

A huge thank you to the wonderful Vygevellai Farm Stall as well as West Coast Way team for this adventure.


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