A Craving for Chinese Food: PRON


A Craving for Chinese Food

I get weird cravings. Like once I craved a slice of Turkish Delight Cake. Where on earth do you find such a cake? Well I did, and you can read about that here. Now I’ve been craving real Chinese food where it feels like I could be eating in a cafe in the heart of China*. There’s a little restaurant in Linden, Johannesburg, that gives off these vibes. And its called PRON – People’s Republic of Noodles. It might not be as noisy outside as if you were really in China, but the atmosphere inside and the food makes you feel like you’re close to it.

Emma Chen opened up PRON with the idea of serving foods she grew up with in North China. So that means you won’t find vegetable spring rolls, chicken cashew or egg fried rice on the menu. To put it gently, thats all we know from a Chinese restaurant, isn’t it? Instead you will find pig’s ear salad, szechuan chilli chicken, cucumber and tofu salad, and dan dan noodles with pork mince. Not quite what we used to, right? But it’s definitely worth trying, enjoying, craving, and going back for more. And that’s what happened to me. I tried PRON last year for the first time, enjoyed several dishes and went back for them again. And they are as follows …

♦ DRY FRIED GREEN BEANSA Craving for Chinese Food


A Craving for Chinese Food

♦ HAND-BREAK-BREADA Craving for Chinese Food

A Craving for Chinese Food

The hand-break-bread is a homemade, layered, flaky flatbread filled with fresh spring onion and salt. It is honestly so good. All the noodle dishes are made with homemade noodles too. And everything is made in the open plan kitchen, so the customers can get a real feel for what happens in the kitchen.

So now when my craving for Chinese food strikes, hello PRON!

*I have been to Hong Kong, 3 times, and to Guangzhou, once, and its this exact cafe vibe.



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