Christmas is just around the corner and what better time than now to share 10 Gift Ideas for Travelers – we all know of someone who is obsessed with traveling, so if you’re all out of ideas on what to get him/her, this gift guide will definitely help you. Let me just tell you, everything on this gift guide is something I love!

I will be doing a few more gift guides on the blog, so stay tuned to the blog in the next few days.


Gifting someone who is a frequent flyer (or yourself, for that matter) with a Samsonite Cabin Bag is possibly the best gift ever! You will be giving them something that will last forever and a day because Samsonite is known for it’s quality and durability as well as it’s luxuriousness. I have the Samsonite Lite-Box Spinner 55cm and I use it everywhere I go. As small as it may be, it fits everything I need.

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I don’t go anywhere without my trusty travel ecoffee cup, so neither should you, or your traveler friend you are shopping for. A travel cup like this is so handy for many reasons. You can use it to make your tea/coffeewith the tea/coffee facilities provided in your hotel room (granted you are staying in a hotel) or you can use it at your nearest coffee shop for them to make your coffee straight into. This ecoffee cup is so light, so your suitcase will never be overweight from it, and the lid is resealable and drip proof!

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A travel wallet is the most ideal travel accessory for any traveler. This specific one is from Escape Society and it fits a passport and boarding pass as well as 3 cards and cash. It is made from full grain South African leather. It comes in a range of colours but my favourite is this dusty pink one. (Side note: for anyone looking to buy me a gift, this is on my wish list!)

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If you’re anything like me, you have to take your hair dryer with you wherever you travel to, then you definitely need this GHD in your life! I was recently browsing around on the GHD website when I came across their Flight Travel Hair Dryer Gift Set and instantly added it to my wish list. I love that this handy travel size hair dryer is so compact and comes with a protective carry case. It makes for the perfect gift for every travel queen, like myself!

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For all the travelers that are also book worms, this is the best gift ever! What I love about mine is I can slip it into my handbag wherever I go. It isn’t bulky or heavy like a proper book, which is perfect for traveling! The battery also lasts very long which is wonderful!

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You get two types of travelers in this world, those that take a pillow with them wherever they go and those that don’t. I am most certainly the former! Granny Goose have a travel pillow that dreams are made of! No pun intended! It is filled with Snow White Duck Down and covered with a 300 thread count pillow case. It also comes rolled up in an embroidered tog bag that is small enough to fit in a briefcase. As you take it out though it puffs out into a 38x51cm pillow.

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An instax polaroid camera is a perfect gift for any traveler. I love my mini polaroid camera that I received in a press pack a few weeks ago and I use it often! I love the whole process of taking a photo with it, waiting a few minutes for the photo to develop and then having the photo right in front of me! It’s awesome in comparison to having a million and one photos on my phone waiting to be developed.

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A perfume scent is the best way to be transported back to a time and place. Every time I go on a big trip, I like to use a new perfume because after the holiday, when I take a whiff of that perfume I will be reminded of the amazing holiday! For example. the new Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori takes me back to Italy! So if not an actual perfume then buy a voucher for a perfume store for your friend so the person can choose what they want for their next trip!



An avid traveler always needs a gorgeous beach hat ready to be put into her suitcase for when she’s headed to a tropical island, like the Seychelles! Oh how I wish that was me! Elizabeth Summer has such a beautiful selection of these summer hats but I would have to say my favourite is this Madagascar Hat that says “out of office”.

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Every traveler needs a towel! Whether they are off to the beach, going camping, or headed to the city, a towel comes in handy, always! Macaroon sell the most beautiful microfiber towels of the highest quality. The towels have an ultra-suede finish and the best part is, if you want to personalise the towel you can have a name put on it! Isn’t that the most perfect gift?

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What will you be buying first?

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