Hello 2022


I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22. Taylor Swift, you said it, girl! Happy new year to you all. May this year be better in every way, for everyone. The past two years brought so much sadness, hardships, and uncertainty. Its hard going into this year expecting too much. But we can still definitely strive for a much better and more positive year. I know for sure this year can’t be nearly as bad as last year, so I am rather excited for this year ahead. The one thing that’s acting as an accessory to the excitement is my beautiful personalised 2022 planner from macaroon.co. I cannot wait to fill the pages up with to do lists, travel plans and all the exciting things. But this year won’t be all about the leisurely life, I plan to work just as hard too. The best thing that came out of 2021 was the launch of Minkys Magazine and there will be another issue coming out soon which I know you all can’t wait for!

This year has started off with the most incredible Cape Town holiday. I cannot wait to share all the Cape Town content with you – from blog posts, to Instagram reels and articles in the next issue of Minkys Magazine.

You can also look forward to more recipes, restaurant reviews, travel guides and beauty posts this year. Definitely all the inspiration you need for a fun and exciting 2022.

What are you the most excited for this year?


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