The sweetest treats at Moody Cow


As well as gelato and coffee.

There is a sweet new spot that has recently opened up in Clearwater Mall called Moody Cow. There is nothing to be moody about though, because Moody Cow will sure leave you in a good mood. From coffee, waffles, sorbet, cookie sandwiches, gourmet popcorn and even gelato, the menu celebrates all things sweet.

We recently visited this spot and were totally wowed from the moment we arrived. The shop is very charming and has all the atmosphere for being a one of a kind dessert-only shop. The menu is vast and deciding on only one thing may take you a while. Thankfully we got to taste a nice selection of goodies off the menu. From cappuccinos to start, to three different kinds of waffles as well as a selection of gelato flavours. To end off we shared a milkshake and a hot chocolate. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will know I have a very sweet tooth so I was in my element. Moody Cow is definitely up my alley – all these sweet treats definitely hit the spot! So much so, I know I will be a regular.

So this is what we had …

You can’t go wrong with a delicious and very instagram-worthy cappuccino – am I right or am I right?

Choc-o-berry blast: Frutti di Bosco gelato, black cherry compote, strawberries, jelly tots, chocolate fountain.

OH! More S’moresWaffle Taco: Nutella spread, marshmallows, tennis biscuits, Chock Milk gelato, strawberries, chocolate fountain.

Banacoco Treat Waffle Stick: Banana slices, peanut butter, coconut gelato, butter caramel sauce, walnuts, rolo’s.

Before we arrived at Moody Cow I did inform the chef that I am gluten free. I definitely need to give credit where credit is due, because the chef went out of her way to make me special gluten free waffles. I can’t even begin to tell you how utterly delicious they were – they were as good as normal waffles, if not better. It is for this very reason (and many others because I love a good sweet treat) that I will return for more and more … and more.

Some of the flavours of Gelato.

Moody Choc Float: Steamed milk & Chocolate from the Fountain, topped with Any Gelato flavor scoop.

Choco Hazelnut Crunch: Chocolate hazelnut gelato, hazelnut arabeschi, crushed hazelnuts, wafer biscuit, whipped cream.

And last but not least, we tried the Women’s Month limited edition Great Mood Cookie Sandwich. White chocolate and macadamia nut cookie with strawberry shortcake gelato, pink chocolate sauce and cotton candy.

If these photos haven’t made your mouth water, then there is simply something wrong with you. Ha! You best head to Moody Cow and treat yourself to a waffle or some gelato!

Moody Cow Gelato and Coffee Co.

Address: Shop 137, Clearwater Mall, Roodepoort, Johannesburg

Tel: 010 593 2740


  1. So, I was super proud at having a smoothie this morning with yogurt, coconut water, spinach, blueberries and banana. Then I saw this and was all ‘screw health and a summer body, give me that NOW!’
    I hate myself sometimes. Utter lack of self control when it comes to delicious goodies.


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