Current Beauty Favourites


Current Beauty Favourites

I haven’t done a beauty post in a while, so I thought I would share a few of my current beauty favourites that I’ve been loving lately. Once I find a beauty favourite, I swear by that product and find it rather difficult to veer away from it. These products mentioned in this post I have been obsessed with and heres why …

Current Beauty Favourites1. Before we left for the Seychelles, I was on the lookout for a waterproof mascara. With all the swimming and snorkelling, I didn’t want to get out the water looking like a panda bear so a waterproof mascara was a must. What caught my eye (ahem, excuse the pun!) with the All Eyes on Me Waterproof Mascara by Essence is that its an all-rounder providing volume, length and curve and its waterproof. Oh, and also its super affordable for an every day mascara.

2. I don’t know what I love more about  The Warming Mineral Mask from the Body Shop – the way it warms up when you apply it to your skin and then magically cools down, or the natural ginger cinnamon scent. I also love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. I like to use this exfoliator just before I apply the mask for that extra-clean-just-had-a-facial kinda feeling.

3. Shame, when your skin looks for sympathy you have to give it some and the best is actual Sympathy for the Skin from Lush. This hand and body lotion smells like banana custard, it leaves your skin feeling super soft and moisturised, it absorbs well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. I use this moisturiser every day as soon as I get out the shower or bath and I honestly don’t think I can use anything else ever again!

Current Beauty Favourites

4. I keep this jar of Precious Cream next to my bed and have been applying it to my face every night. Its a rich cream so a little goes a long way as it glides on and applies nicely. I like the scent and the super luxurious feel of this cream.

5. I absolutely love everything in this range by Sorbet and this is my current absolute favourite hand cream! I have bought one for my handbag, my car, my desk, next to my bed and even one for the kitchen. The scent is so luxurious and my hands feel so soft! I dread the day Sorbet stops the range!

6. I was on the lookout for a new hair mask, and after asking on Twitter what some of the other beauty guru’s recommend a few mentioned this one. So I ordered one online for myself as well as the no scent no colour shampoo and conditioner. And all I can say is wow for all three products! You apply the Pre-Shampoo Elasticizer hair mask to damp hair before you wash it with shampoo, like normal. But the longer you leave it on your hair pre-shampoo the more it gets to work! It  contains the best of the best ingredients (no nasty stuff!) and you’re left with hair that looks like you’ve never once hair ironed it or coloured/highlighted it. I have long blonde hair and I apply this mask twice a week (although once is enough), and each time my hair looks even better and healthier than before.

P.S. If you’d like to see full reviews on any of these products please comment below or tweet me!


  1. I need to try all of these products. I’m in need of a new mascara and this one sounds great! Please do more of these kinds of posts 🙂 Amanda xx

  2. If you love the sorbet sensual fragrance, you’ll probably have {and love} the body scrub in the range too, it’s devine hey?! Love love LOVE sympathy for the skin, all Lush’s body lotions are worth it. And I’ve been eyeing the PK Elasticizer for sooooo long, you might have just been my personal enabler and convinced me to go and get it 🙂 xx
    If you want to do a full review on the Elasticizer that’d be cool, what’s so different between that and another high quality (salon brand?) hair masque. Enjoyed this post a lot, thanks xx

  3. That face mask sounds intriguing! I think I’m definitely going to put that on my ‘must get’ list!

  4. Yes, I love everything in that range. The smell! Ok, I’ll do a full review on the Elasticizer 🙂 Thank you for reading xx


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