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There is no better time than during a pandemic to love yourself a little more. In the middle of lockdown I promised myself I would practice more self care. I started doing more things for “me” – like reading more, going for walks and eating a bit healthier. I also started taking much better care of my skin by incorporating a proper skin care routine that my skin so desperately needed.

My skin care routine was non-existent. This is because I have psoriasis. I was always too scared to use anything incase it caused the psoriasis to flare up. I washed with water, hardly used any creams and just did nothing for my skin! Thankfully though, besides for psoriasis which is under control right now, I have fairly good skin and hardly get pimples. But my skin was totally lifeless and dull!

I spent a lot of time doing research and reading up on Bioderma. Thankfully, at the time, Dischem was having their 3-for-2 special on Bioderma products. So after doing all the necessary research, I started off with 3 basic products – a face wash, a gentle exfoliator and a cream. It’s two months later, and because my skin reacted so well to these 3 basic products, I have now built up quite a fair selection of products. And now I am proud to say I have a proper skin care routine. My psoriasis hasn’t flared up at all from these products, my skin is glowing and appears more dewey and just all round beautiful, even if I do say so myself.

My skin care routine:


Every morning and evening I cleanse with Bioderma Sensibio Face Wash. This is a simple gel face wash for sensitive skin. It foams up nicely which is great and leaves my skin feeling clean with a layer of softness. A win is that it doesn’t aggravate my psoriasis, which just shows how gentle it is by soothing and calming the skin.


Twice or three times I week I use Pigmentbio Foaming Cream which is a very gentle exfoliator for hyper pigmented skin. The reason I chose this exfoliator is because I do have a bit of sun damaged skin with dark spots. It’s not very noticeable, but I know it is there. So I thought at least one product aimed at this would help! This exfoliator is great because it has definitely reduced these dark spots and brightened my complexion. I like to think it’s this product thats giving me a permanent glow, but it’s definitely all!


A serum is a concentrated product aimed at specific skin concerns. After I cleanse, I apply Hydrabio Serum which is a hydrating serum for dehydrated sensitive skin. What I love about this serum is that it moisturises instantly. I also like that a little goes a long way, and such a small amount hydrates my whole face.


I alternate between Sensibio Rich or Sensibio DS+. The former is a rich soothing and nourishing cream for sensitive skin. My skin feels extremely nourished after I apply this. And what I love is the subtle glow it gives my skin! I then use the latter on the dry scaly patches from the psoriasis. Even though nothing will get rid of psoriasis (yes I have tried everything!), this cream definitely gets rid of the dry scaliness.


Every morning, no matter what I apply SPF! I alternate between Photoderm MAX Creme 50+ and Pigmentbio Daily Care 50+. Both offer very high sun protection. I love that the latter is aimed at pigmentation by helping to reduce the appearance of existing dark spots and prevents new ones from appearing.


On the days that I exfoliate, I then apply Sensibio Mask. This is an intense soothing and moisturising treatment for sensitive and intolerant skin. Because its winter now and my skin gets dry, I sometimes use this as a moisturiser at night. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Eye cream:

And last but not least, every morning and evening I apply Sensibio Eye Cream. This eye cream is aimed at soothing and moisturising the eye area, reduce puffiness and minimises wrinkles.

So there you have it. What I like about Bioderma is that it is affordable French skin care. And we all know the French have good skin! I also love that these products are perfect for sensitive skin, like mine. Often Dischem has 3-for-2 specials with Bioderma, which makes this product range even more worth it.

PS: This post is not sponsored in anyway. I am just sharing the love for something my skin finally loves!


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