Keeping Time With Daniel Wellington + Discount Code


Ever since I first spotted Daniel Wellington watches in the shops, my eyes were drawn to the thin elegant design, the variety of straps, and that they are the perfect watch for every occasion.

Daniel Wellington focus on simple but stylish dress watches for both men and women. They come in a variety of designs and sizes, leaving you with a timeless piece on your wrist that is bound to attract attention.

What makes Daniel Wellington watches stand out, besides for their minimalistic and classic look, is the interchangeable straps. If you are in the mood for a leather strap, instead of your nato strap, you don’t have to go buy a whole new watch altogether. They are also super affordable for the classic elegant watch you are getting.

The design and finish of the watch leaves you with a beautiful thin and perfectly round timepiece, that is perfect for any occasion, and for every day wearing.

With all of the above in mind, when Daniel Wellington asked me to choose a favourite, I struggled to decide on the perfect one.

Only after a few hours of browsing, did I realise that whatever design I choose, I won’t be stuck with it because I can change the straps whenever I so desire, but as long as I chose a face I would love.

So with pink being my absolute favourite colour, I chose the Rose Gold Classic Southampton.

Daniel Wellington

Can my Classic Southampton be any more beautiful?


If you would like a Daniel Wellington watch too, I have a 15% DISCOUNT CODE for you to use when shopping on which has the biggest selection you will find as compared to the retail stores!
If you order before the 13th of June 2016 you will receive a complimentary strap
Worldwide courier shipping with UPS is free!

My watch took one week to arrive! How amazing is that 🙂


Visit the Daniel Wellington online store by clicking here

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Oh and did you know? Daniel Wellington watches are the most instagrammed watch.

Daniel Wellington

P.S. With Fathers Day around the corner, I suggest a Classic Bristol would make for a perfect gift.

Go on … and don’t forget to use the discount code.



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