Ladies Who Lunch at Glenda’s Restaurant


There is a new restaurant in town and it is perfect for the ladies who like to lunch. This new spot is for all the Carrie’s out there, who like to gather up their Samantha’s, Miranda’s and Charlotte’s and sit for hour sipping on Presecco, eating devilled eggs, gossiping and showing off their latest bling.

Say hello to Glenda’s, a stylish bar and café located in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

Glenda’s offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The menu is forever changing, allowing the focus to be on seasonal flavours. Think smashed avo toast and grapefruit carpaccio for breakfast, or a bacon roll for brunch. Lunch allows for you to have salt and pepper calamari as a starter and rotisserie chicken with stuffing and roast potato. And for dinner you can have steak and chips or duck and waffle.

If you are more into sweet than savoury, you can get a take away from the Dotty Choux patisserie counter, which specialises in choux pastries of all flavours and colours, as well as cakes you have only seen in magazines.

As you walk in, you will be welcomed by peacocks adorning the bright botanical wallpaper, marble tables, a touch of zebra print, and bunches of fresh flowers everywhere. The establishment is perfectly charming and chic, and is a real treat for the eyes.


We visited Glenda’s the other day for a tantalising lunch.

For starter, we shared the Gravadlax and a Super Sprout Salad, which were both out-of-this-world-melt-in-your-mouth. If I could have, I would have ordered two more of the Gravadlax starters.

For main course, we shared the Rotisserie Chicken for two. It came with a side salad, which had Glenda’s signature dressing from the old Patisserie days, which we have loved ever since. It also came with roast potatoes, perfectly roasted, stuffing, which was truly satisfying, and extra gravy on the side. The gravy was so tasty that I was actually sipping on it (no jokes!) like it was soup.

For dessert, we took home some lavender and pistachio choux pastries from the Dotty Choux counter.

We left Glenda’s thoroughly satisfied, full, and wanting to return the next day for breakfast.

Stay tuned for a post on Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I mean Breakfast at Glenda’s.

Glenda’s: Hyde Square, cnr Jan Smuts Avenue and North Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg.



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