Essentials for a Lazy Sunday


Lazy days are few and far between and we all wish they came around more often. We work so hard during the week and weekends are always so jam packed. If we don’t have errands to do, then we have people to see, but there is always something! I try make sure that on Sundays I have nothing to do and I can stay home in my pyjamas and enjoy a bit of me time. To make sure a lazy Sunday is well executed, here are my essentials:

Essentials for a Lazy Sunday


What is a lazy Sunday without a lie in and some super cozy blankets? You have no excuse to hang out in bed for an extra hour or so to soak up the warmth and comfort that you cannot do any other day. A slow Sunday morning, in bed with a perfect cup of coffee, and some biscuits or rusks is my absolute favourite treat.

Essentials for a Lazy SundayGOOD COFFEE

The only way we know how to drink our coffee is in a hurry. During the week, we either rushing to finish it and get to work, or we drinking it and focusing on a task at hand and not concentrating at all! On a lazy Sunday, I get up, I put the kettle on, I make a perfect cup of coffee and I get back into bed. Voila! I can now savour every sip. (If I am lucky, then le bf brings me coffee in bed. But I repeat: if I am lucky!)

Essentials for a Lazy Sunday


The easiest way to relax and unwind is to read. And I am not saying read Social Media. I am saying read a book! You enter a world where it is just you, your imagination and the characters in the book, and you are forced to switch off from everything and let your mind finally be at ease. Sundays are my favourite days to read.

Essentials for a Lazy Sunday


Sundays are for a full pamper session. I normally let in a Lush bath using my favourite The Comforter, and light some scented candles. I apply a face mask, and a hair mask, I give my body a good scrub, and I will give myself either a manicure or pedicure. After all of this I feel so relaxed and ready to tackle the week ahead!

Essentials for a Lazy Sunday


I wear my coziest pyjamas and my comfiest slippers. And I am good to go (back into bed) 🙂

Essentials for a Lazy Sunday


I was never a series person. When everyone was talking about all the latest shows they were glued to, I was always thinking of the books I am reading. But now I have started watching Pretty Little Liars (thanks to Netflix). Oh my heavens! I am now on Season 2, and I am so tempted to google who “A” is, but I. WILL. NOT! My lazy Sunday afternoons are now spent watching PLL and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So that is my Sunday. Le bf and I will also head out in the late afternoon to our favourite park for a walk. At about 5 o ‘clock, nearly everyone in Joburg who has a dog takes their dog to the James & Ethel Grey Park. We go their, dog-less, might I add, just to see all the cute pooches running around and to get some fresh air.

If we’re not having a lazy Sunday, then le bf and I will head out early on an adventure to discover some hidden gems in and around Joburg.

With the weather changing and it becoming chillier (and now rainy), these essentials will get you by on any lazy day. And once you have had such a cozy, relaxing day, it will be just what the doctor ordered! If you’re not able to take a full day off doing absolutely nothing, just take an hour or so off and enjoy a bit of me time, reading, watching some series, or even having a lengthy bubble bath. It will also be what the doctor has ordered!

How do you spend your Sundays?


  1. Can I share this post with my son so he knows I would like to stay in bed on a Sunday ? lol … I LOVE your coffee mug, and can agree that no Sunday is complete without a great coffee. 🙂 Great post as always xxx

  2. I am super strict about Sunday afternoons! Don’t even bother to invite me for anything on a Sunday after 13:00. That is when we binge watch series and eat junk food.

  3. Too cozy! Your pictures just resemble cozyness 😉 Sundays we also like to do the bare minimal, even grocery shopping for the week gets neglected!!

  4. Yes, I have become quite obsessed with series watching! And it does distract you from reading! Thank you for reading Candice 🙂


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