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From washing the dishes, to vacuuming the carpets and doing the laundry, these are definitely not my favourite chores to do around the house. I always want to try take the easy way out and when home appliances are all for quick and easy, why not praise them? Ever since the Philips Steam&Go Handheld Garment Steamer landed on my desk to be put to the test, I have found that steaming my clothes with a handheld steamer is definitely the easy way out when it comes to releasing the crease.

The Philips Steam&Go is a fantastic way to avoid using the iron and avoid taking your clothes to the dry cleaner. Not only is it easy to use, but it takes a quick 45 seconds to heat up. It has a detachable water tank which is easy to fill up. You can use it on normal clothes, like a blouse, thicker garments, like a jersey or coat, and even on delicate fabrics like silk. It comes with a brush accessory that is to be used on the thicker garments, like a jersey pictured below.

What I love about this handheld steamer is how lightweight it is. As a traveller always on the road, its so easy to take in my luggage. The best part is knowing I won’t have creased clothing when I arrive at my destination.

tips for using a clothes steamer

After putting this Philips Steam&Go to the test these past few weeks, I can definitely share some tips I’ve learnt with you:

  • Using a clothes steamer takes a certain amount of practice and getting used to.
  • Instead of pressing the clothes steamer hard against your clothes, rather lean it forward. This ensures the steam has somewhere to go.
  • Hold the steamer with one hand and with your other hand hold the item of clothing taut.
  • Move the clothes steamer up and down slowly.
  • Start with something easy so you can get the knack of it.

More information, like where to buy one, click here.


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