Five Favourite Things


A new beauty range by Dove, a pair of jeans and pretty pink nails are just a few of my favourite things.


My favourite times are tea time and me time. But for purposes of this post I want to chat about me time. It is so easy to enjoy a little bit of at-home pampering thanks to Dove’s new DermaSpa range. This new range offers women an innovative collection of hand and body products that will not only give you that at-home spa feeling but is also a sumptuous treat for the skin.

I was recently sent a press drop with quite a selection of products from the range and I have not stopped using them since then. Not only does my skin love everything, but my stress levels have reduced immensely. All this pampering works wonders for the stress levels, you know!

I will be doing a lengthy review post on each product in the range so do stay tuned to the blog for that.


With the 1st of September just around the corner (well in 3 days) I am starting to get Spring ready. First up, my nails. Nothing says “hello Spring” more than a pretty pink shade of nails. Next up is a pedicure on Friday.

Spring is definitely my favourite season. Not only is it not too hot nor too cold, but there is just such a positive feeling in the air. The birds are singing extra loud, the trees are blooming, the flowers are blossoming and the air is getting warmer. Since I can remember I have always loved Spring. So, not too long to go now, and I will be a very happy camper!

What shade will you be wearing to welcome Spring?


The first time I walked into a MINISO store was in the famous Nathan Road in Hong Kong. To put it lightly, I shopped up a storm. I brought home the most exciting and interesting goodies that you definitely couldn’t get here. But now I don’t have to go to Hong Kong (or overseas for that matter) because we finally have a MINISO on our doorstep. So far a few have opened up but I have one just down the road from me in Norwood Mall. I honestly couldn’t be happier.

What I love about MINISO is that you will find every day things, like bathroom matts, kitchen storage boxes, socks, cotton buds etc, all for really cheap. It is all reasonably priced which is how things should be when we go shopping.

I mean this cute travel cushion (pictured above) is R50 and the quality is superior! I definitely bought one for my upcoming exciting travels.

You can follow MINISO’s Instagram here for all the latest news.

Have you visited MINISO yet?


They don’t make jeans like they used to. They’re either too skinny, too torn, too soft or too tight fitting. I have been searching for the perfect pair of jeans for ages. A pair that actually feels and looks like jeans. So a dark wash, fitted and must be that proper denim material. And I finally found them! Woohoo! These are Poppy’s from Forever New and they tick all the right boxes and bonus, they are so comfortable. I know I will be wearing them all through summer.

R899 from Forever New

face mask

I absolutely love this Pure Clay Detox Mask by L’Oreal. It draws out all of the impurities and leaves my skin lovely, clear and soft. It applies really well and a lot goes a long way. What I like most is how satisfying it is too see your pores when the mask dries. It’s actually quite scary seeing how many are so visible! I like to have a hot shower, cleanse my face, then put the mask on. The only thing is it can be quite drying, so I have to put my moisturiser on straight after.

R150 from Clicks




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