Five Favourite Things: Stay at Home Edition


Staying at home all day every day, except for heading out to get the essentials, has its perks. One of the perks is a new found love for things I didn’t acknowledge before. All of this uncertainty has forced me to take a step back and appreciate the very little things. Like taking a moment out of my day to paint my own nails, or sitting down to a cup of coffee outside at the end of a work day, or even appreciating the beauty of an indoor plant. So here is a round up of my five favourite things that is make me love staying at home a whole lot more.

Painting my own nails

Every week I take a moment to sit down, listen to music and paint my nails. I find this so therapeutic and I look forward to this little bit of me time every week. Before all of this, I would rush to the salon, have my nails done, then rush to the next thing. Don’t get me wrong though, I definitely do miss the pamper session and the spoil of a salon treatment. But at the same time, I am loving doing my own nails in the extra time I have. My favourite shade at the moment is It’s Lit! by Morgan Taylor. It is a beautiful lilac holographic and my goodness, it has the most magical sparkle in the sun! It just makes me happy!

You can buy this shade from

My TBR reading pile

My To Be Read pile of books is growing at a rampant speed because I keep adding more and more books. This is all thanks to finally having more time on my side to enjoy what I love most which is reading! Some of the books included on my TBR pile are these latest releases by which I cannot wait to dive into very soon! I’m just waiting for a cold front so I can get extra cozy when I snuggle up with my book and a cup of coffee.

Coffee breaks in the sun

My favourite time of the day is the afternoon when I take a moment to go sit outside in the sun with my delicious Nespresso. Before this whole pandemic, I didn’t even step outside to soak up a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine, nor would I savour every sip of coffee. Now it’s these little moments which bring such happiness. I also find these new mugs I ordered from @home take this coffee drinking to a whole new level because I like to think I am at a cafe.

Indoor plants

I am now a very proud mom of a few indoor plants including this absolute beauty. I ordered this LIV from Atrium Plants which is an online store that delivers plants fresh from the greenhouse straight to your front door. For a first time plant mom like myself, they also provide all the necessary information you ned to care for your plants, which is fantastic! I love walking into the lounge and seeing this little bit of greenery. And there’s something about this plant that transports me to a tropical island!


On weekends we like to cook up something delicious and open a bottle of wine to accompany our meal. Its a little thing we look forward to all week which we like to call “date night”. We recently opened this bottle of Barrel Selection Merlot by Vondeling and it went down such a treat. We enjoyed it with lamb chops on the braai and a side of pap with tomato and onion gravy. It is a round, bold and full bodied with aromas of juicy red berries and sweet licorice.

With the alcohol ban still in place, I urge you to continue supporting your favourite wine farms by buying online and having your wine delivered as soon as this alcohol ban is lifted.



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