Five Favourite Things


A 2016 planner, bright coloured nails, a love struck emoji pillow, beautiful roses and a breakfast I could have every day of my life, are Five Things I am loving lately.

Five Things - Planner

It’s weird how motivating, inspiring and rather encouraging a cute, cozy and pretty planner can be. All I want to do is decorate each page with washi tape, make to-do lists by the gazillions and tick each item off one by one. Now that is how this planner has made me – #OverAchiever!

Five Things - Gelish Pacific Passion

With summer still here in full swing, I am still opting for bright coloured nails. Bright coloured nails are the happiest nails, in my opinion. I’m currently sporting Pacific Sunset by Gelish.

Five Things - Love Struck Emoji Pillow

 The best Valanetine’s Day gift I received from le bf this year is this love struck emoji pillow. It is so cute! I also got the poo emoji pillow, but let’s act like I didn’t, ha!

Five Things - Roses

These beautiful roses made up for the poo emoji pillow.

Five Things - Citrus Sunrise from Tasha's

If there is one thing I can live off for the rest of my life (besides for spaghetti) it will be this breakfast from Tasha’s, which is called the Citrus Sunrise. So basically it is honey flavoured yoghurt, with rose flavoured granola, pieces of citrus fruit, banana and pistachio nuts. The whole combination together is a melt in your mouth experience that has you craving more and more and more and more.


  1. I absolutely love stationery and that diary is beautiful! p.s the poo emoji could also be a chocolate ice cream 🙂 hehe.

  2. The pillow is too awesome!! Do you know where he bought the pillows? Really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work! ??

  3. Lovely post 😉 Where did you get or your Boyfriend get your lovestruck emoji pillow? I want one too!!! x


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