A Day at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff with Omorovicza


Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg is known for being a five star luxury hotel. The hotel offers world class dining, the best views of Johannesburg as well as a beautiful spa. The spa has recently welcomed a luxury Hungarian skincare brand Omorovicza to their list of premium skin care products and treatments.


Omorovicza has an interesting story behind the brand. The owners and founders are husband and wife. They met in Budapest and both share a fascination for the city’s history and for the healing properties of the waters. Their home is built on a hot spring and features one of the famous baths in the city. Because the hot springs are rich in different minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc, it has tremendous healing properties on the skin. They then worked with a laboratory in Hungary to develop a delivery system that allows the minerals from the waters to be absorbed by the skin.

Omorovicza Gold Hydralifting facial

Last week I was treated to the most luxurious Omorovicza Gold Hydralifting facial.

This was definitely the best facial I have ever had in my life and here is why …

• The facial is a 90 minute long traditional Hungarian facial massage.

• It is aimed at repairing, hydrating, plumping and nourishing the skin.

• A rose scented gold mask is applied which contains bio-available gold.

• The therapist uses the most amazing hand technique where she combines a deep tissue massage with pressure point stimulation. This may sound a bit intriguing but it is amazing!

• Omorovicza products smell and feel ultra luxurious.

• Two rose quartz crystal massage wands are gently applied to your skin with just the right amount of pressure.

• After the mineral mud mask has been applied to your skin, you’re given a hand and arm massage.

• The results are immediate and you walk out with plump, nourished and very healthy looking skin. I received so many compliments for a few days after this facial. And even a week later my skin still has a natural glow to it.

• And, something I have to repeat for importance, is the hand technique. It felt too heavenly for words.

At the media launch of Omorovicza, we were given two products to try out.

The cleansing foam and the Queen of Hungary mist.

• The cleansing foam is a creamy pale blue foam that does not contain any sulphates. It is so gentle and leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished. It also has a refreshing mineral smell, which is a change from most cleanser smells that have a chemical smell.

• The Queen of Hungary Mist is honestly my favourite beauty product in the bathroom right now. It has the most gorgeous rose and neroli scent that I cannot get enough of. I love it so much that I spray a bit on the palm of my hand and treat this mist as a perfume. The mist is a refreshing spritz that can be used as a toner, or even over makeup to freshen up your face. Or a perfume, like I use it as.

For a list of treatments, visit the website here.

Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff Johannesburg
Address: 67 Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff, 2193
Tel: 011 481 6000



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