The day we got lost in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

We seriously got lost.

You are probably thinking “how on earth can you get lost in Bo-Kaap when it is so small and you just walk along the roads lined with colourful houses?“, but truth be told, we got lost.


The Bo-Kaap is a bright and colourful neighbourhood in the heart of Cape Town. This little neighbourhood lies on the slopes of Signal Hill and is in the shadow of Lions Head, with views of Table Mountain. The area is rich in history and unique in culture. It was formerly known as the Malay Quarter. You will find brightly painted houses, picturesque Mosques and narrow cobble stoned streets, which make this area a unique attraction for both locals and tourists.

This picturesque neighbourhood also makes for a wonderful photo opportunity. So don’t venture to this part of Cape Town without your camera and a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

I have been wanting to visit Bo-Kaap for the longest time but I just never made a point of it. I have been to Cape Town countless times and just never ever got round to venturing here. So while in Cape Town last, I knew I had to just get to Bo-Kaap otherwise I’d have returned home disappointed. Again!

So we woke up early, called Uber and asked the driver to drop us off in Bo-Kaap, not knowing where though. We hopped out the car on one of the street corners of all the colourful houses and we were so excited to finally see this colourful neighbourhood with our own eyes.

We walked down one road. Then down another road. Up a little hill. Down a little hill. Then up another road.

Then we got lost.

For the life of us, we couldn’t find the coffee shop we were looking for. So we “punched” the name into Google Maps on our phone. Google Maps cleverly picked up we’re walking so made us walk in circles.

Literally in circles.

We didn’t ever find the coffee shop.

Sade face.

But we left Bo-Kaap with vibrant memories, a million photos and a funny story.

Happy face.

If you would like more information on this vibrant neighbourhood, click here for the website.

Have you visited Bo-Kaap before?


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