Have you heard about Van Loveren Wine’s Almost Zero?


Almost Zero by Van Loveren Family Vineyards have launched a range of wines that contain almost no alcohol. Yes, you read that properly … Almost no alcohol!

Almost Zero …

Almost Zero looks like wine and tastes like wine but has less than 0.4% alcohol. To remove the alcohol, it is gently spun which allows the wine to spread thinly across steel cones causing the alcohol to evaporate. What is left is a de-alcoholised wine that still has distinctive body, colour and flavour.

Every glass has 75% less kilojoules than normal. There is only 2.2g/100g of sugar and 4.2g/100g of carbohydrates.

Almost Zero is definitely the healthier option and alternative whether you want to cut back or go dry!

Radiant Red

Radiant Red is a smooth red with mulberry flavours.

Pair with: pasta, burgers and pizza.

Wonderful White

Wonderful White is an elegant white with delicate apple, citrus and tropical fruit flavours.

Pair with: salad and sushi in the summer time.

Ravishing Rosé

Ravishing Rosé is aromatic with rose petal and strawberry flavours.

Pair with: oriental dishes, summer salads and desserts.

Which will you be trying first?

For more information, visit www.vanloveren.co.za


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