Shopping with Shein (plus tips)


Everywhere I look, I see an advert for Shein. Whether I’m on Facebook or Google, an advert is there! So the other day I clicked on the advert and scrolled through the very exciting website, which I must say is a shopping paradise for any fashion lover. I browsed all the different categories and so many items caught my eye. But then I thought it’s all too good to be true so I closed the browser. The next day, another advert popped up with a dress that really tickled my fancy, so of course I clicked on it again, and got lost browsing all the categories again.

I asked on Instagram if it is worth ordering off Shein and a whopping 76% said YES! A lot of people also told me how much they love Shein and have only ever had good experiences. These lovely people sent me advice, tips and suggestions. But I also received a few messages saying the orders take forever to arrive and the quality isn’t great. So cut a long story short, and with all the persuasion I needed, I shopped on Shein.

My Shopping Experience

After browsing the very image heavy website, my laptop overheated and switched off. Haha! So I downloaded the app and ordered directly off the app. Which was so easy to do! I followed everyones advice and read all the reviews, checked all photos by previous customers and made sure the measurements were all correct. The selection of clothes is extensive and you feel like you have to buy everything, but I kept my order to a minimum (R1 000) and ordered 6 items. Just incase something happens (you never know).

I placed my order on 14 September and today, which is 21 September, the tracker says the parcel is already in South Africa and in transit. So I have a feeling my order may arrive at my doorstep by the end of this week,

To see what I ordered, be sure to follow on Instagram ( as I will do an unboxing there.



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