Italy has been on my travel bucket list since forever. It’s a destination I dreamt of for years and I always said the year I turn 30 will be the year that I tick Italy off the list. Well I did it, I made it happen and what a dream holiday it was! We explored Rome, Florence and Venice and each city was everything we thought it would be and more. There is just something about Italy that is absolutely magical and I cannot wait to return for more magic! From the food, to the culture, to the history and even the people, it all just makes you want more and more. We ate so much pasta, pizza, croissants and gelato and we sipped on so much wine, spritz’ and coffee. It was just like a dream!

I cannot wait to share all the details of this magical trip of a lifetime with you, but before I do, I thought I’d share a couple of photos from my Instagram:


First things first as we arrived in Rome was to go see the Colosseum. Our hotel was in walking distance of the Colosseum, so we put our luggage down, washed our faces, and started our short walk to this absolutely beautiful piece of history. The closer we got to it, the more we couldn’t believe our eyes. It is breathtaking! It is also rather surreal to imagine the horrors that occurred here – from gladiators fighting for their lives, to animals being slaughtered and humans being executed. Thankfully this is all history!

We did a walking Local Foodie Tour in Rome’s famous for food neighborhood of Trastevere with The Roman Guy and it was just amazing! I will do a full blog post on this with all the details. But for now let me just tell you we explored the coziest neighbourhood in Rome, drank a lot of wine, tasted a lot of cheese, ate delicious pasta and finished off with gelato, of course!

The best thing about this tour was that it began just before the sunset so we got to witness the most beautiful sunset over Rome.


Florence is just beautiful! This photo was taken at the Michelangelo Square at the end of our Chianti Wine Tour with Fun in Tuscany. From Michelangelo Square you can see the whole of Florence and it is gorgeous! I would have loved to watch a sunset from here but the clouds were just not cooperating. I will do a full blog post on the Chianti Wine Tour, so stay tuned to the blog.

We ate a lot of pasta and pizza (obviously) and one of the best pizza slices we had was from a little hole in the wall shop. I cannot remember the name or the location, so do excuse me, but just know it was really really good! When we went back the next day to get another slice, we just couldn’t find the place. It must have disappeared! Obviously!


Venice – wow! There are no words to describe this place. Venice has no roads, so that means there are no cars. There are just canals and boats. It is the most fascinating thing! The one morning when we were walking by the Grand Canal (the main road, if you must!) we heard an ambulance siren approaching and thought how on earth is there an ambulance coming! Well it was an ambulance boat speeding past! Visiting Venice and seeing this place in real life feels like you’re in a painting. Every turn you make is just too beautiful!

Sitting at a restaurant on the Grand Canal, sipping on a spritz’ or three and watching the sunset is a moment I will cherish forever!

Stay tuned to the blog for more posts on Italy, especially one about where we had the best gelato. Ha!





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