Its Always Nicer in Beautiful Knysna


Knysna, situated in the heart of the Garden Route, is such a beautiful town with so much charm. Just a quick drive through this little town will capture your heart forever. The beauty, the views and the people all contribute to this.

Ever since I can remember, Knysna has always had a special place in my heart. We spent all our school holidays in Plettenberg Bay which meant that we also spent a lot of time in Knysna.

As you know, Knysna was under fire in June of this year. Knysna is still as beautiful as ever and is definitely recovering from the disaster. I was in Knysna not so long ago and took a million and one photos to show you this. Maybe you will notice how the once green mountain peaks are now charcoal and brown, but there is still absolutely plenty of beauty to marvel at and to put it simply, nothing has changed. There is still so much natural beauty, majestic views and the friendliest people.

So here are some recent photos of beautiful Knysna …

our 3 favourite things to do in Knysna

1. Hire a bicycle and cycle around Thesens Islands,

2. Have brunch at East Head Cafe and watch the boats go by ,

3.  Go on a sunset cruise on the lagoon.

where to stay in Knysna?

The Turbine Hotel and Spa. I will keep this short and simple because you can read a full blog post HERE.


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