Five Favourite Things: The Beauty Edition


It has been a minute since I did a five favourite things post. These are a series of posts where I chat about everything I have been loving lately. From something I have eaten, to a new tea I am drinking, but todays post is a bit different. In this post I will be chatting about five of my favourite beauty things at the moment. From a hand cream my skin is absolutely loving, to a new matte lip colour I am in love with, a new beauty spa that has opened up, and more.

So grab a cup of tea and lets get to it …


A few weeks ago a parcel arrived at the door and it was like Christmas came early. The team at Rubybox sent me the new Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour range by Rimmel to put to the test. There is a total of 15 shades in the range but I received 12 shades. This range is all about the nudes, pinks and plums. There is definitely a shade for every season. What I found is they’re easy to apply, the shades are nicely pigmented and the best part, they dry super matte. I have been trial and error’ing them since I received them, so stay tuned to a full review with swatches next week on the blog.


Petroleum jelly, AKA Vaseline, has been in my life since forever but recently I have discovered how much more I love it. I keep a small tub on my desk to use on my dry lips, when my cuticles look terrible and when my patches of dry skin start flaring up. Vaseline is one of those products that are so affordable and useful, that if you don’t have one on your desk, in your handbag and next to your bed, then what are you actually using?


This is that one hair product my hair absolutely loves and soaks up, and so will yours. The difference between the normal Moroccanoil and this one, is that this one is for blonde hair. It works just as amazing as the normal one but it doesn’t leave your hair looking darker. This is the only hair oil I can use. It is light but ultra-nourishing and your hair is left feeling silky, smooth and healthy looking. It also doesn’t weigh your hair down, like other argan oils.

I buy Moroccanoil over and over again but this time when I bought it it came with a free hand cream. One of the reasons I love Moroccanoil is the scent, I am obsessed with it. So if I tell you how deliciously amazing the hand cream smells, I promise I am not lying.

Price: R540 from all major hair retailers.


When you wash your hands a million times a day you need to make sure you’re using the best hand cream. I hate that feeling of dirty hands – I am what you call a germophobe (google it!). So because I wash my hands very often throughout the day, my skin obviously tends to get very dry. Hence, I need a cream with urea which repairs dry skin, provides moisture and strengthens the skin barrier. The Eucerin 5% urea hand cream is amazing and comes highly recommended! It does not irritate my skin, the application is easy and my hands are left feeling silky smooth and moisturised.


Just imagine this: you’re being treated to a sensational pedicure while your little toddler is being looked after in the playroom next-door. Well a new salon has just opened up in Parkmore, Sandton with this exact concept, called Tribe and You. Now I don’t have a little toddler of my own, but I did have a sensational pedicure at this very salon.

Martynne, the owner of Tribe and You, who is a mom herself understands how difficult it can be to earn yourself a bit of me time when you have a little mini-me with you. So this salon was created as a place of relaxation for all the moms and a place of fun for all the kiddies. With an indoor and an outdoor play area offering activities, arts and crafts and jungle gyms, and trained child minders, you can be sure your kiddies are in good hands.

I was recently invited to Tribe and You, as a non parent. Let me tell you, I had one of the most amazing pedicures of my life. I know for sure I will definitely return for another one (maybe in the future with a little toddler in tow 😉 )

w: tribe and you

t: 082 413 3665


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