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Confession: I am slightly obsessed with my Instagram feed. So much so that when I am seeking a little bit of inspiration, I turn to my own feed. And thats how it should be, we must be proud of our own expertise. I am proud of my photography skills, my hard work and most of all, ensuring my feed has a certain flow to it. That takes a lot of energy, you know!

So, if you’re needing daily inspiration, and you’re not following me, please do. You will find an Instagram feed that delivers you the best in Travel, Lifestyle and Beauty. Three of my favourite things, in no specific order. Oh and also food.

Here is a roundup of my Instagram lately …

1. The beautiful and colourful houses of Bo-Kaap, Cape Town // 2. News Alert: Gilmore Girls is now available on the South African Netflix … Woohoo. If you love Gilmore Girls as much as me, head to this post // 3. A coffee break at my favourite coffee spot in Cape Town: Dinkel // 4. A little chelsea bun never tasted so good as this one // 5. Another cozy coffee spot: The Larder Cafe // 6. Coffee tastes much better in a Le Creuset // 7. Table Mountain in all her glory // 8. Playing with some new goodies from Essence Cosmetics // 9. Cotton candy skies.

1. Sushi at Willoughby & Co // 2. In my spare time I hike. Just to see views like this! // 3. Hiking essentials: water in a pink bottle // 4. Fresh apples straight off the farm in Elgin Valley // 5. Working essentials // 6. Dinkel again // 7. Doughnuts at My Sugar in Sea Point // 8. Lions Head // 9. Coffee, again.

My Instagram handle is @MissLorenCohen

Comment below with your handle. I love finding new accounts to follow (if I am not following you already).



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