New Makeup Brand About To Hit South Africa: 3INA + First Impressions


There is a new makeup brand that is about to hit our South African shores.

The brand brings with it a brave, bold and new approach to beauty.

Say hello to 3INA

(pronounced: MINA)

3ina South Africa


3INA opened up their flagship store in Covent Garden, London in February this year. It is only five months later and there are stores in Greece, Italy and Australia. With an ambitious world tour, they are taking the world of beauty by storm.

We not missing out here in South Africa, as 3INA is about to hit our shores. 3INA will be opening up its concept store in Eastgate Mall, Johannesburg, in August, a second store in Menlyn Shopping Centre, Pretoria, later … And the rest of the country soon after!

3INA is the brainchild of Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, two retail experts with years of experience in their industry.

What Makes 3INA Stand Out?

The range includes colour cosmetics as well as skin care and tools, all at an average retail selling price of R149,95  – giving women endless new possibilities to create beauty with confidence.

3INA promises to inspire and power women with its unique positioning of being luxurious yet honest, feminine yet real, original and inclusive.

3ina South Africa

First Impressions

Last week a cute little box landed on my beauty desk. I was so intrigued to open it and see what was inside because it was certainly like no other. The packaging was sleek, minimal but enticing. As I opened it I unpacked the following 3INA products: a highlighter, an eyeshadow, a lipgloss, nail polish, a shiny lipstick and a pen eyeliner. A little taste of whats to come from 3INA. I also noticed the products are made in Italy (for this fact alone, I LOVE!), and the pen eyeliner is made in Germany.

3ina South Africa

The Highlighter

This special powder highlighter lights up your face and gives high definition and a soft, silk final pay off. 

♥ The highlighter has a perfect shimmer to it, that is not overpowering. It gives off a soft finish that you can build up easily if you are wanting a more dramatic finish.

The Eyeshadow (Shade 127)

This unique eyeshadow gives an intense, vibrant hue to your eyes.

♥ The eyeshadow is bold, very bold! And this is exactly what 3INA is all about. Bold makeup!

The Lip Gloss (Shade 109)

This lip gloss provides a bright, pigmented finish and glossy, wet look effect. 

♥ I love that it is a perfectly subtle pink shade. I also love a lip gloss with a glossy finish.

The Nail Polish (Shade 121)

♥ The shade of the nail polish matches the eye shadow. So it is vibrant, bold and blue 🙂 I will be giving it a try this winter, and will report back. I do love the boldness of the shade.

The Shiny Lipstick (Shade 211)

An easy to apply lipstick designed to deliver a high gloss shine.

♥ I honestly love this shade. It is a gorgeous berry colour and is honestly perfect for winter or even summer when you craving a bold look. The finish is very shiny, which allows for your lips to feel moisturised all the time, which is a winner for me.

The Pen Eyeliner

An easy to use liquid eyeliner than ensures an intense and long lasting colour whilst enhancing the natural shape of your eyes. Bonus: waterproof! 

♥ I liked that the tip is super fine ensuring steady application. As soon as I have tried this, I will report back 🙂

3ina South Africa

So by the looks of all of the above, the beauty junkies of South Africa are in for a real brave and bold treat!

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