Lindt Excellence Raspberry Intense


There is a new flavour of LINDT EXCELLENCE on the shelves at your favourite supermarket and you best believe it’s a delicious one! This new flavour is LINDT EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense. If like me you like your chocolate fruity, you will love this one because there is that rich chocolate melt complimented by the burst of raspberry.

This new LINDT EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense offers a delicate balance of cocoa and raspberry. The cocoa is from the rich, creamy 47% cacao dark chocolate with abundant pieces of real raspberry. Together, the cacao and raspberry ensure a sweet and tart flavour experience. The raspberries create a mildly crunchy texture. When combined with the velvety smooth finish of the chocolate, the tasting experience is definitely enhanced.


If you would like to unlock a whole new taste experience, pair Raspberry Intense with Pure Honeybush Tea. The sweet fruity taste of the tea makes it the perfect combination with the tangy flavour of the Raspberry Intense which beautifully balances its subtle sweetness.

LINDT EXCELLENCE Raspberry Intense is available in all major retail stores for a recommended price of R44,99. For the full EXCELLENCE range please visit LINDT

*Thank you Lindt South Africa for the #gift.


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