Tau Game Lodge in Madikwe


Lying in bed and as I look out the window, I see a herd of wildebeest and a dazzle of zebras hanging out at the waterhole quenching their thirst. I close my eyes for a quick 20 minute nap and as I open them to look out, I see one lonely elephant approaching for water. I didn’t know if I was still dreaming but it felt like the elephant was about to walk through the fence and into the room. So I quickly got up, got dressed and went outside. To watch my favourite animal, up close, in its natural habitat, without any disturbances, was just magic. I kept having to pinch myself because I really thought I was still dreaming.

Welcome to magical Tau Game Lodge in Madikwe!

Tau Game Lodge is a luxury South African safari lodge situated in the malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve. I have visited many safari lodges and game reserves in South Africa, but when I say there is something truly special about Tau and Madikwe, I mean it. The lodge itself, the location, the setting, the food and the standard of service. Together, all of these things ensure a truly special and absolutely magical safari experience.

What is a day at Tau Game Lodge like …

A summers day at the lodge looks a little something like this. At 5am we receive a wake up phone call from our game ranger. By 5:15am we all meet in the dining room for a quick cup of coffee and a muffin. 5:30am we’re on the open Landrover vehicle ready to head out and search for animals. By 9am we’re back and breakfast is served. After breakfast we can do whatever we please, until lunch at 1pm. At 4pm we all meet again for an afternoon cup of tea and freshly baked treat and by 4:30pm we’re back on the vehicle ready to spot more animals and watch the African sun go down. We return back to the lodge for dinner at 8pm.

The days seem full but if we’re not searching for animals, then we’re eating. In between all of this we chose to nap, swim in the beautiful pool, or visit the spa for a treatment. This is definitely relaxation at its peak.

Food food food

The food at Tau Game Lodge is definitely something to write home about. What stood out the most for us was the attention to detail at every meal time including tea time. Every little detail was well thought of and every dish deliciously created. Each night we enjoyed a different dining experience. One night we enjoyed dinner under the stars around a traditional outdoor African Boma. And the other night we enjoyed dinner in a cozy intimate setting in the dining room. Both though were wonderful dining experiences.

Meaning of Tau

Tau means lion. It just so happened that on our last evening as we got back to our room after dinner, we heard the overwhelming sound of a male lions roar. They say a lions roar can be heard for up to 5 miles away, so this lion definitely wasn’t nearby, even though it sounded like it was.

Tau is a truly special place and it was an absolute privilege to experience this little piece of African paradise. Everyone who visits Tau say they can’t wait to return. And as we drove out the gates to leave, we said the same thing. Tau will definitely see us again – hopefully sooner rather than later.




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