Why we need to support local restaurants (especially during these times)


It’s a Monday, I’m sitting at my desk swamped with work and it’s nearing lunch time. My fridge is a little on the empty side, I have no desire to have toast with peanut butter, and I’m reminded why it is more important than ever to try support my local owned restaurants. Before I get sucked in by a few more emails, I remember Momo&O is on the Uber Eats App. So I bring out my phone, open the App, click away at a few prompts, select “leave at the door” and not even an hour later I open my front door and I have the most delicious lunch ready to be eaten. With service like this it feels like we’re living in another world, but actually we’re not, it’s just Uber Eats is ahead of the times!

Some of my other favourite local restaurants on the Uber Eats app include Ribs and Burgers (the best burgers in South Africa, seriously!), Tashas for a quick delivery of a delicious slice of cake when that afternoon tea time craving strikes, and Mezepoli for a selection of Greek meze to accompany a bottle of wine over the weekend. Momo&O though is my go to for all Asian inspired food – from sushi, to bao’s and bowls.

Features of the App

With Uber Eats, it’s really so easy to get your favourite food delivered to your door in a matter of moments. It’s because of this that I use the App religiously during the week (no judging please, I do cook also!). A few other key features of the App alongside this is you can schedule orders to be delivered at a time more convenient to you. You can customise the drop off to your home, office or even a park. You can track your order and watch in real time your food being prepared, picked up and delivered to your door. My favourite feature, especially during these times, is contactless delivery which means your meal will be left at the door. And I also love the in-app chat option.

Uber Eats also always has great specials! So get your favourite meals while supporting the local smaller restaurants you love with help from Uber Eats:

  • R70 for any local faves: For 11 days [26 April – 2 May] you’ll get the best sellers from the best in your neighbourhood and only pay R70.
  • T&C’s: Available on selected restaurants only, restaurant selection and associated specials varies per day. Valid for new and existing Uber Eats users in South Africa only.


If you would like to win a R400 Uber Eats Voucher

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  1. My favourite local eatery on Ubereats is The Izzy Burger. Hands down the best burger I’ve ever had in Cape Town, always fresh and mouthwateringly delish!!


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