Why We Love The Kruger Park


When people ask me what I love most about South Africa, I always say where else in the world can you hop into your car, drive a few hours and enter a world where its just you, nature and animals.

I love South Africa, I love the African bush but most of all, I heart the Kruger Park.

There is simply no place that can compare or come close to it.

The moment you hop into the car and start the road trip, your mind is instantly at ease. Its like you’ve already escaped into a different world. The little stops along the way add to the build up and the excitement of the whole trip. From stopping over in Dullstroom for pancakes, to little farm stalls for fresh oranges and avo along the way, each little moment is magical, tranquil and therapeutic.

Once you enter the Kruger Park you don’t know what you’re in for. No, not in a scary way. More of in a thrilling way. As you drive through the gate, there could be a lion waiting to welcome you. Or a heard of elephants. Or if luck is on your side that day, you could see a leopard in a tree. But even the simplest of animals, like buck, giraffes or a hippo for example, have a big presence in the excitement factor.

The magic of the Kruger Park is endless and limitless. From its sunrises and sunsets, to the sounds and whispers, and finally the animal sightings, its a majestic place for everyone.

If you have never been to the Kruger Park or any game reserve for that matter, this is what you’re missing out on …

Every year, for the past 10 years, we go on our annual family trip to the Kruger Park. And, without exaggerating, it is the highlight of our year. We plan the whole year and the months coming up to our trip, we make lists and start getting organised. We even start packing the car. Jokes. Ha!

In no particular order, these are my favourite sightings:

♥ Elephants playing in the water.

♥ Leopard in a tree (obviously ;)).

♥ Hippo’s. I always say the hippo is my absolutely favourite animal in the bush. I love them!

Have you been to the Kruger Park before?

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