Food Diaries: Plettenberg Bay


What I Ate and Where I Ate.

In Plett.

Plettenberg Bay is known for having cozy little coffee shops, chic cafes and absolutely delicious food. Whenever I visit Plett, I have my must visit places and my must eat dishes. I know we’re all a little nosy in one way or another, so here are a few of the things I ate on my last visit to Plett not so long ago.

I hope you have a snack on hand, you’re going to get hungry.

Flat Whites at DoubleShot Coffee Bar

DoubleShot Coffee Bar is conveniently located in the Main Street and is definitely my favourite coffee shop in Plett. The flat whites are delicious, the breakfast options are endless and the baked treats are melt-in-your-mouth. We frequent this little coffee shop nearly every morning as its just a short walk away.

Website: DoubleShot Coffee Bar

 Fresh Line Fish and Veggies at Ristorante Enrico

Beyond beautiful ocean views and a fresh piece of fish. What more can you ask for when you at a seaside town?

Website: Ristorante Enrico 

 Meze at Bramon Wine Farm

Plett’s very own wine farm offers wine tasting and meze style lunches. What this means is you tick off items you want from the menu. The items are small portions so you have to order a lot and you have to share. It makes for a very fun lunch. Team this with great wine and some friends and you have yourself a whole days affair.

Their bread is so so soft and you have to pull it apart to enjoy it the most. Don’t even think about using the knife 🙂

More info about Bramon in this blog post.

Website: Bramon Wines

Rack of Lamb at Shamwari Game Reserve

On my trip to Plett we stayed at Shamwari Game Reserve for two nights (more in this blog post). If I tell you how delicious the food was, I would not be exaggerating. But the one dish that stood out for me and that I keep dreaming about a few weeks later was this rack of lamb. Lamb is my favourite but if it is done perfectly, like this dish, it is my absolute favourite, ever.

Website: Shamwari Game Reserve 

Almond Croissants at Le Fournil de Plett

Like I said above, Plett is known for cozy little coffee shops and Le Fournil de Plett is exactly this. It is positioned in a courtyard and has the atmosphere of a little cafe in the heart of France. The food is exceptional. And they make the worlds best almond croissants. They are so delicious, you will want to take home a dozen just to snack on.

Address: 18 Main St, Plettenberg Bay

Farmers Breakfast at Wild Oats Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning there is the Wild Oats Farmers Market just outside of Sedgefield. You will find a selection of stalls selling organic fruit and veg, freshly baked homemade goods, jams etc. And you will also find a stall selling the best breakfast ever of scrambled egg, boerewors and homemade bread with butter. Add a little sweet chilli sauce like I do and this will be a real breakfast of champs.

Website: Wild Oats Farmers Market

Roast Beef Sandwich at Le Fournil de Plett

As mentioned above, I love Le Fournil de Plett for its food, atmosphere and its food. I repeat: the food! This is my favourite sandwich from here. Roast beef, with mayonnaise and gherkins on rye bread. It comes with crisps and a salad which is dressed in a delicious salad dressing.

Address: 18 Main St, Plettenberg Bay

Tea and Scones at the Plettenberg Hotel

And last but not least, tea and scones at the Plettenberg Hotel. A gorgeous view and scones that the Queen will approve of – what more?

Website: The Plettenberg



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