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Dullstroom is a quaint little town halfway between Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park. It is also, arguably, South Africa’s fly-fishing capital. We always use Dullstroom as our halfway stop on our annual family trip to the Kruger National Park but never have we stayed longer than one night. We recently explored the in’s and out’s of this cozy little town when spent a weekend over at Walkersons Hotel and Spa (read more about our stay here).

After thoroughly exploring the very best this town has to offer, it is safe to say there is so much to do, other than just fly-fishing!

So the next time you find yourself in Dullstroom, this is what you must do:

A (free) beer tasting at Anvil Ale Brewery 

One of the very fun things we did in Dullstroom was beer tasting at Anvil Ale Brewery, which is Dullstrooms very own craft brewery. The best part about the whole beer tasting is that it is actually free – can you believe it! It’s not very often you get to experience free things in life! You are given five different beers all served in taster glasses and each is explained in greater detail. I must say though that my favourite was definitely the cherry cider.

Also, while you’re at Anvil Ale Brewery, you must try a slice of their very famous boozy cake, which is a caramel and chocolate cake drowned/drenched in brandy and it is absolutely to die for.

W: www.anvilbrewery.com

Have coffee at Beans About Coffee Roastery

Driving through Dullstroom and the last thing you would expect is a coffee roastery with some of the best coffee you will have ever taste. Beans About Coffee Roastery has its very own roaster and make their own blends from various African and South American blends. When you walk into the roastery, the smell alone is beyond delicious and you will want to try every kind of coffee on offer! If you love your coffee with rusks, I recommend buying their famous rusks to take home. You won’t be disappointed!

The Roastery is just next door the Brewery, so when you finished your beer tasting, pop over next door for your caffeine fix.

W: www.beansaboutcoffee.co.za

Do a Whisky and Chocolate Pairing at Wild About Whisky

The very small town of Dullstroom is home to Wild About Whisky which has the largest collection of whiskies in the southern hemisphere. They offer tutored whisky tastings with around 30 set tastings of 6 whiskies. The bar has over 1 100 whiskies on offer from 20 countries, included Scotland, Ireland, USA, Japan, Taiwan and South Africa.

Whisky isn’t really my thing but chocolate is which made me all the more excited to do a whisky and chocolate pairing because C just loves whisky. If whisky or chocolate aren’t your thing, then you can also do a gin tasting, which also looks like a lot of fun (the table next to us was very much into it!). The prices on the experiences range from R200 all the way to R600 for premium whiskies. If you’re a newbie like me and not so much of a whisky drinker, then opt for the whisky and chocolate pairing, so you can eat all the chocolate and pass the whisky onto your better half. Or do a gin tasting! Ha!

W: www.wildaboutwhisky.com

Have Lunch or Dinner at Mrs Simpsons

There are close to 40 restaurants in this seemingly little town so you will never go hungry. One of our favourites though is Mrs Simpsons. This restaurant has so much charm, such a great vibe and the food is absolutely delicious. The menu offers such a variety and some of the options include trout (just what Dullstroom is famous for), bobotje, steak and even pasta dishes – so there’s something for everyone.

W: www.mrssimpsons.co.za

Grab a Milkshake at Udderlicious

Udderlicious – what a hilarious name! Dullstroom has their very own milkshake bar and if you love milkshakes as much as me, you will be in milkshake heaven. The friendly, colourful and fun decor lures you in, grabs you and engulfs you in a magical milkshake wonderland! There are over 40 flavours to choose from so if you’re indecisive you’re going to spend a lot of time here. My favourite though was Ferrero Rocher!

A: Tedding van Berkhout Street, Millys Centre, Dullstroom

Be a Kid in the Old Transvaal Inn’s Candy Store

I am not going to say much about this Candy Store because you need to see it for yourself but I will tell you that the moment you walk in you feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. There is every kind of candy you can dream of – chocolate, liquorice, nougat, honeycomb, suckers, etc etc etc.

W: www.oldtransvaalinn.co.za

So the question now is: when are you visiting Dullstroom?



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