Winter Wardrobe: Boots, Boots and more Boots


My theory when it comes to shoes is always invest in a pair of classics that will see you through from one season to the next. For summer, I like a good pair of pumps. And for winter I love a pair of classic boots. A good pair of boots, especially leather, have a good life span if you look after them. I have had a pair of brown leather boots for nearly 10 years now. I polish them all the time and keep them really clean and well look after. They have seen many an icy cold winter and should see a lot more. Hopefully they’ll be seeing snow if everything goes according to plan these December holidays.

So with winter here in full swing, I thought I would share with you what boots I’ll be rocking this coming winter.

Leather Riding Boots

These are the boots that I have had for almost 10 years. I bought them from Woolworths ages ago and they are just such a classic style. They are definitely an investment and almost always look stylish and on-trend. I love how the brown leather goes with nearly any outfit. Jeans, leggings or even a dress. My favourite is black leggings, a long denim shirt and these boots. The whole horse riding look just gets me, I love it!

Buy yourself a pair …

♥ SPLURGE: Similar here from DUNE LONDON
♥ SAVE: Similar here from Woolworths

Rain Boots

Also known as wellingtons, everyone should own a pair of rain boots. With the weather being totally crazy and us Joburger’s now having rain in winter, we probably will get snow too, so it is always good to invest in a pair of these. Rain boots are perfect if you don’t want to mess a quality pair of leather boots. You can wear them in the rain and jump around in the puddles without worrying about doing any damage. My leopard print rain boots are from Woolworths but I bought them about 3 years ago. I keep checking if they get more in as I would love another pair but alas they haven’t yet.

Buy yourself a pair …

♥ SPLURGE: A pair of these Hunter Boots from Spree
♥ SAVE: A pair of CROCS Rain Boots
MUST HAVE: A pair of Quilted Wellingtons from DUNE LONDON

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are ever so stylish too with a slight grungy look. I wear my little black ankle boots often in winter simply because they’re just so easy to slip on. I bought these from Woolworths (yes I shop a lot at Woolworths) last year. They are leather, so soft inside and very comfortable. A pair of ankle boots should also be in everyones wardrobe.

Buy yourself a pair …

♥ SPLURGE: Similar here from Poetry Stores
♥ SAVE: Similar here from Spree
MUST HAVE: Chelsea Boot from Crocs


The difference between ankle boots and booties are that ankle boots end 1 to 4 inches above your ankle, and booties end right at the ankle. I bet you didn’t know that. The lovely people over at Saint & Summer sent me a pair of these Swaggers and I love them. I have worn them every winter since I received them.

I like to wear these over skinny jeans or even leggings. They are super cute!

Buy yourself a pair …

♥ SPLURGE: Similar here from DUNE LONDON
♥ SAVE: Similar here from Marcha Ballerina


If you don’t have a fluffy pair of slippers to help you get through winter than how are you going to survive? A pair of slippers lined with sheepskin are so warm and so comforting. Waking up in the morning and slipping on a pair of these make getting up in the morning so easy.

Buy yourself a pair …

♥ SPLURGE: Exact same here from Cape Union Mart
♥ SAVE: Similar here from Woolworths for R225.


  1. AH I want ALL of these boots of yours! Those Saint and Summer ones are super cute, and I love your pair that’s now a decade old. The longest I’ve gotten a pair of boots to last was 5 years, and they weren’t proper leather, just a super pair of Bronx boots. I know Bronx does leather and synthetic, and when you can find a style you like, they’re exceptionally well made.

    I love Woolies boots too, and have been eyeing up numerous pairs. Pity my budget is so tight with wedding prep. I guess I’ll just have to make a wish list for after the big day 😉


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