Wish List: Aretha Bauwens Statement Shoes


When you work in the corporate world and a monochrome suit is your every day uniform, a pair of statement shoes is the only accessory that will help you stand out from the crowd. As an attorney, I know how easy it is to feel camouflaged amongst your peers as you are all dressed head to toe in black and white.

However, I discovered the perfect way to stand out: with a pair of bold statement shoes.

From a sparkly pair of neon pumps, to a floral pair of wedges,  and a pair of gold glitter sandals, I have them in all my wardrobe.

Now on my wish list is a pair of Aretha Bauwens Statement Shoes. Aretha Bauwens Statement Shoes

Aretha Bauwens, a South African actress and model, has launched a collection of statement stilettos and wedges. You can browse the range over here: www.arethabauwens.com and see why I want to own every pair.

Aretha has designed the shoes for successful women who love to make a statement, who mean business and ooze confidence. Each pair of shoes is designed to be worn through all the seasons, meaning you won’t have to put them in the back of your wardrobe come winter. The shoes have inner soles and built in cushioning for added comfort and support.

In my humble opinion, I think these shoes were made just for me. They are absolutely beautiful and have the ability to transform any dull monochrome outfit into an eye stopping masterpiece.

Where can you buy yourself a pair?

The Square
50 Buitenkant Street
Cape Town




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