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Grab the popcorn …

Over the holidays, we watched a lot of movies. We’d come home from dinner, make a pot of popcorn and snuggle up on the couch and pull an all-nighter (the best thing about holidays is not having an alarm set the next morning). From a few new movies, to some old school classics, and even hilarious comedies, we watched them all. My favourite though were the old school ones; the ones that leave you feeling good at the end. I’ve put together a list of these feel good movies, so if you’re sick in bed, feeling down or just need something fun (funny!) to watch, I recommend one of these:

  1. Bridesmaids – I have watched this movie maybe a thousand times but it is still as funny as if I am watching it for the first time! Melissa McCarthy is one of my favourite actresses, I have loved her since the days of Gilmore Girls. Her character in Bridesmaids is absolutely hilarious! One of my favourite scenes is when she takes all the party favours … the labrador puppies! Ha!
  2. Julie & Julia – Meryl Streep is just brilliant in this movie! If you’re into French cooking, like I am, this movie will make you the hungriest. The movie is about Julie who writes an online journal (AKA blog) documenting her vow to cook all of Julia Child’s 524 recipes in 365 days. Things get interesting and I love it all!
  3. The Holiday – This is everyones favourite movie come Christmas time, but its my favourite all year round! Who doesn’t love Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet? I also love how cozy the U.K. looks, it makes me want to just snuggle up with my tea, blanket and imagine its snowing outside!
  4. Maid in Manhattan – A love story with Jennifer Lopez set in New York. I remember watching this for the first time when I was young and I just fell in love with J Lo, New York and love stories. The music from this movie is also so good, that I still play the soundtrack in my car when I’m driving.
  5. Because I Said So – Dianne Keaton, Mandy Moore and Lauren Graham (from Gilmore Girls) are amazing together, they just make this movie! I love the storyline, its so cute and girly that you feel SO good!
  6. The Hundred Foot Journey – This is my all time favourite movie, ever! It’s fiery and full of love, delicious food, culture and everything in between. Not only do you feel good after this movie but you also feel inspired!
  7. Mrs Doubtfire – A movie that will make you laugh and make you cry, Mrs Doubtfire is an absolute gem!
  8. Crazy/Beautiful – Kirsten Dunst was one of my favourite actresses growing up especially when it came to dramas or romance like Crazy/Beautiful. She didn’t feature in many films though but the ones she did were so good!
  9. Serendipity – The cheesiest love story that every girl who believes in love and fate should watch! There’s just something about this movie that makes me want to watch it over and over …
  10. Age of Adaline – The most beautiful movie featuring the very beautiful Blake Lively. The story line is absolutely magica with a fantasy love story.

What are some of your favourite feel good movies?



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