A Day in the Life Of Loren


 in case you were wondering

7:00am – The boyfriend’s alarm goes off. I wake up, but I don’t get out of bed until about 7:30am. For a half an hour or so, while my eyes open up slowly and adjust to the light, I switch on my phone. I check for any emails, as well as Instagram and Twitter. During this time I am planning in my head what I am going to have for breakfast. All I want is something extra delicious and a perfect cup of coffee.

7:30am – Hop out of bed. Make the bed. Wash my face and brush my teeth. I let Dooey out of his cage (his cage is big, no need to panic at the word “cage”) so he can roam around and think he is boss during the day. I go to the kitchen, put the kettle on and prepare Dooey’s breakfast. I’ll cut up some spinach, some herbs and some pawpaw. He likes a variety you know … He’s the bunny of a foodie. Ha! By the way, have you read 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Having a Pet Bunny?

7:45am – I make coffee and sit with Dooey while he has his breakfast. He is just the cutest thing when he eats. His little chin looks like a washing machine when he chews. While I watch this show, I sip my coffee, plan my day in my head and browse through my to do list to see what I have in store.

8:15am – I make myself breakfast. Today I made peanut butter and sliced banana on wholewheat toast, again. Gosh, if only I can describe this deliciousness but I can’t. It’s like having a milkshake for breakfast. If I don’t know what to have, then I normally opt for one of these. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I take it very seriously 🙂

8:45am – Have a shower. Depending on where I am headed for the day, I’ll put on the appropriate outfit. If I have a meeting, or some law work to do, I get very smartly dressed. I’ll wear jeans and a cute top for an event/launch. If its to run some errands, then its a tracksuit and tackies day. Or if I don’t have to be anywhere, then its a half tracksuit / half pyjamas and slippers. Today I am headed to the media launch of Jamie’s Italian which is only at 12. So I put my gown on and will get ready a bit later.

9:15am – I make a cup of apple and pear flavoured green tea (addicted to this stuff). Sit down at my desk and start working. I go through all my emails, do a bit of bullet journaling, work on my blog, do some social media stuff. I like to sip on a healthy hot beverage while I work. It makes me feel, ummm, healthy.

10:45am – I start getting ready for the event right about now. I do my hair and make up and put on my outfit.

12pm – Arrive at Jamie’s Italian media launch. We were given a personal tour of the restaurant. We made dessert milkshakes with Head Chef Shane and we had lunch. I had a bowl of the oh so famous mussel linguini for lunch. Yum!

3:15pm – Meet a friend to discuss a little something exciting in the pipeline for 2017.

4:30pm – Arrive home. I make a cup of rooibos tea because I am still too full from lunch. Back to my desk to do a few important things and send out some emails. Oh and I snack on a mango. I can’t get enough of mangos this season!

5:30pm – The boyfriend gets home from work.

5:45pm – We go for a 30 minute walk around the area and soak up all the fresh air we can! The best thing about our daily walks is having the opportunity to talk about our day. No phones, no TV, only us and the fresh air.

6:30pm – Get ready for dinner. We go to our local sushi spot for a quick dinner.

9pm – Home. Exhausted.

9:30pm – Bath. Make chamomile tea. Bed time.

10:30pm – Z z z z z!



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