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With February being the month of love, there is no better time than right now to share a post on some of the best romantic destinations I have had the pleasure of visiting. A romantic getaway can take on any form – it can be a bustling city, like Rome in Italy. Or it can be a secluded beach holiday in Seychelles. It can even be a safari at a private game lodge here in South Africa. But whatever your heart is set on, here is a little bit of inspiration you may need to get planning.


Italy is number one on my list for the most romantic destination. From walking the streets of Rome, to exploring Florence and getting lost in the alley ways of Venice, everything about Italy just oozes romance. The language, the food, the culture and even the people, what is not to love? There are so many different areas of Italy to choose from, but wherever you decide, I can assure you it will be heart warming. Your days in Italy will include coffee shop hopping, gelato eating, pasta swirling and wine drinking. You will walk hand in and hand while listening to the Italian language of people walking by. It definitely sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

South Africa

South Africa offers some of the most beautiful safari experiences at some of the most luxurious private game lodges. I find these safari experiences to be totally romantic! It’s just you and your partner in the most tranquil setting and it really is just bliss. You wake up to everything laid out for you, from breakfast to lunch and dinner and even snacks on the game drives. You can have dinner under the stars and listen to the sounds of the animals calling. The best part also is that phone reception may be minimal, so you are guaranteed quality time without any interruptions.


I have been to the Seychelles several times and it is literally heaven on earth. With it’s secluded white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters and ultra luxury resorts, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most romantic destinations in the world. There is nothing better than spending a day on the beach, sipping on cocktails and spending quality time with your loved one in the most picturesque setting.

The one place I haven’t been yet but dying to visit:


A lot of my friends have travelled to Greece for their honeymoon and they all returned with stories about how amazing it was! Obviously it’s romantic if it’s been their honeymoon destination of choice, so that is why I’ve added it to this list. Everything about Greece looks beautiful – from bougainvillaea filled streets, to romantic restaurants on the sea side, secluded beaches and boat trips. I cannot wait to visit one day!

So there you have it, my top 3 romantic destinations. If you want to start planning your romantic holiday, visit Travelstart.

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