This is what I got up to on Valentine’s Day


This year, I found Valentine’s Day to be a lot more special than previous Valentine’s Day. I woke up with such a happy heart on the day of love and all I wanted to do was #ShareYourHeart.

My boyfriend and I agreed we wouldn’t exchange gifts, because to be honest, it’s just not necessary. We have enough teddy bears and fresh roses end up dying and seriously, it’s not worth it. What I did do though, is I hid two Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Out Heart slabs around our home and made him go on a treasure hunt before he left for work! He found them timeously (phew!) and took his slabs with him to work which I know he shared with everyone! The funny part is that he brought home the actual Pop Out Hearts which he specially kept for me to literally #ShareYourHeart.

I then baked some cupcakes which I took with me to the office. There was no memo, but with the spirit of love, everyone was dressed in red! The atmosphere was there and it was amazing! We ate our cupcakes and spoke about what everyone was doing that evening for Valentine’s Day. So much love filled the air!

After work, I met up with some friends for a quick cup of coffee and it was so good to spend a little bit of time with the one’s who mean so much to me.

Dinner time then came and my boyfriend and I got takeaways from our favourite Italian spot, we put on Netflix and we just relaxed. Of course we had a Cadbury Dairy Milk Pop Out Heart slab for dessert and it was just a treat.

Did you #ShareYourHeart this past Valentine’s Day?


*Thank you Cadbury for sponsoring this post.



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