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Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara

If you are a regular here on the blog you’ll know that I swear by Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara and I find that not many mascaras can compare. It is an all rounder that does the job and ticks all the right boxes for a wonderful mascara! So when I try a new mascara, I hope it will tick a few of the boxes just to be as great.

Essence have brought out a new range of Forbidden Volume Mascara. In this range is the Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara which I have been trying for a couple of weeks now. And I must say this new mascara has definitely impressed me! The wand has a slight hourglass shape to it with natural bristles and the formula is very wet. At first, I doubted the whole application of it, but with two coats the results were amazing! My eyelashes had dramatic volume, curl and length and looked amazing!

I have been reaching for this mascara for special occasions when I want va-va-voom lashes that are show stoppers. I also love that its super affordable for such quality mascara, with a price of only R64.95 from Dischem. I’m lucky that I already have long, thick lashes, so I’m yet to try falsies, but with the phenomenal results of this mascara, falsies are out of the question … For me, that is.

Lux Sheer Twilight Body Wash

I am a big fan of LUX body washes. Each range offers an ultra luxurious bath time treat that leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch and your senses sparked. If you peek into my bathroom you will find a great selection of LUX bath products, so when I received a bottle of the new Sheer Twilight body wash, I knew she would feel right at home.

LUX Sheer Twighlight body wash has notes of deep intense black orchid and juniper oil. What makes this body wash a little different is the scent/perfume lasts up to 8 hours, leaving you with delectably fragrant skin the whole day.

I love that the fragrance is bold and beautiful (no, not the show).

The body wash is available in 3 sizes: 200 ml for R24.99, 400 ml for R36.99, 750 ml for R58.99

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

If you haven’t heard of Lush’s Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter where have you been? It softens hard skin all over the body, especially the cuticles.

I tend to suffer from very dry cuticles and this has helped a lot! The cream/butter is quite thick in consistency, but it sinks in and absorbs into the skin very quickly. The scent is also delicious. Think of lemon meringue pie with extra lemon. Mmmmm!

R145 from Lush

Inoar Flowers Shampoo & Conditioner

Inoar have just launched a limited edition flowers range shampoo and conditioner just in time for Spring. The shampoo and conditioner has an extremely natural and light cherry blossom formula.
Did you know that cherry blossom symbolises renewal … and the start of new life to your beauty. This is perfect timing, especially with the promise of Spring comes the promise of beautiful hair 😉

This only recently arrived at my door step but I have washed my hair twice with it since. The shampoo lathers well, my hair felt clean and fresh, and the conditioner has made my ends feel nourished and moisturised. Bonus: the scent is amazing. If the scent of spring was bottled, you would find it in this new range by Inoar.

The duo pack retails for R490 and you can shop it here.

Rendezvous by Gelish

At the end of winter I had my nails done at Sorbet, like always, and chose Rendezvous by Gelish. It is a perfect shade that isn’t too red, too purple or too dark. It can be classified as more of a cranberry colour with hues of red, pink and purple.

I loved this shade so much that I will definitely do my nails with it again.


  1. Love Lush! And that Inoar range is so gorgeous! I’m excited to try that mascara, so far I’ve been happy with the offers from essence. Thanks for sharing!


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