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When I feel like running away from reality, I always want to go on a road trip. There is honestly nothing better than driving out of the city and into the countryside. Your mind stops working overtime and you instantly start relaxing. This past weekend we did just this. We hopped into the car and drove out of Johannesburg to the beautiful De Hoek Country Hotel in Magaliesburg.

We arrived at De Hoek and the first thing that grabbed our attention was the size of the estate. As vast as it is though, it still feels intimate and cosy. The very regal country houses are clustered together and are surrounded by beautiful lush gardens. Our room was in the New Quarter and all the finer details speak for themselves. A cute little teddy bear on the bed, a Nespresso machine, jars of marshmallows, rusks and biscuits, and the most beautiful bathroom.

De Hoek is the ultimate weekend getaway and I can definitely vouch for this.

With not much to do, entertainment wise, we were basically forced to enter a state of total relaxation. If we weren’t sipping on a cup of tea and reading a book in our room, then we were lying by the pool. When the sun went down, we made our way to the very cosy bar for some snacks and sundowners. And when dinner time came round we indulged in a delicious three course dinner.

De Hoek is a quick one hour drive out of Johannesburg. The setting is breathtaking as it is situated in the crook of the Magalies River and in the valley of the Magaliesburg Mountains. So if you’re looking for a luxurious retreat that is romantic and relaxing coupled with absolutely delicious and sublime food, you’ll find this whole package at De Hoek.

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