Where to find Instagram-worthy coffee in Johannesburg


We love a delicious brew, don’t we?

One of life’s little pleasures is sitting down at a coffee shop to a delicious cup of coffee. A delicious cup of coffee that has the most detailed intricate patterns. So detailed, that you sit for 10 minutes trying to capture the perfect shot from the perfect angle. After finally taking roughly 30 of the same photos, you finally stir your sugar in and take that first sip. But it’s a little bit cold now.

In todays times, this all sounds too familiar. Not just with coffee, but with food too. If you’re not guilty of doing this, you have definitely watched others.

So, being a self-confessed Instagram addict with an eye for capturing the perfect shot (no pun intended) I thought I should put together a post.

A post on where to find the perfect Instagram-worthy coffee in Johannesburg.

1. The Grind Coffee Company

What I love: besides for the coffee, the toasted banana bread is delicious.

Where: 34 Whiteley Rd, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

2. Paoletto

What I love: besides for the coffee, they are famous for the best waffles in Johannesburg.

Where: Horwood St & Eighth Avenue, Edenvale

3. FEGO Caffee, Nicolway

What I love: The coffee art – how freaking cute is the elephant and the bear face. It is my favourite!

Where: Nicolway Shopping Mall, Bryanston

4. Naked Kitchen and Coffee Bar

What I love: Great coffee + Wifi = the perfect coffice.

Where: Shop U38, Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road, Morningside

5. Starbucks

What I love: having a caramel machiatto with extra cream on a cheat day. Only on a cheat day!

Where: Rosebank Mall and Mall of Africa.

So not only are these picture perfect cups of coffee, they taste just as good.

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