Some of my favourite things lately include the most delicious yoghurt, a pair of shoes that are so comfortable I may sleep in them and nougat you can eat for breakfast. If you’re feeling a bit confused, read on …

woolworths new double cream yoghurts

Woolworths have recently brought out a new range of yoghurts that are absolutely beyond delicious. They are so delicious that they’re a little bit addictive … Or maybe a lot! So much so that I have to have one everyday. The new strained double cream yoghurt range comes in four flavours: plain, raspberry, blueberry and wild blossom honey. The wild blossom honey flavour is my favourite of them all. I like to open the tub, put a handful of bluberries inside, mix them around and eat it either for breakfast or as an afternoon snack when I feel like something sweet. Or I may even have one as an after dinner delight when I need dessert in my life because I kid you not, my little combo tastes like a healthy panna cotta – try it, you’ll see!


I recently went to the opening of the new Birkenstock store in Morningside Shopping Centre and what a beautiful store it is! I’ve owned two pairs of Birkenstocks in my life and yes, they are as comfortable as they promise to be! They may not be the most visually pleasing pair of sandals according to some people, but then again comfort and quality wins, don’t they? I am so excited to wear my new white pair with jeans, a white t-shirt and a statement necklace this summer!

where: Shop U14A, Morningside Shopping Centre, Corner of Rivonia and Outspan Roads, Morningside, Sandton

lavazza coffee

While we were in Italy recently we were drinking coffee and lots of it. There is just something about Italian coffee that is so much better than any other coffee, I believe. They make it perfectly because it isn’t too strong nor too milky. One of the brands we were drinking was Lavazza. I love Lavazza and will try go to coffee shops in Johannesburg that serve Lavazza. But I have exciting news, not just for me who loves Lavazza but for you who would like to drink this delicious Italian coffee in your own home! Lavazzaa has relaunched and is now available at retailers like Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar! Can I get a whoohooo!

chocolate cake from leafy greens cake

When you think of rich, gooey, delicious chocolate cake you really don’t picture a slice of gluten free, sugar free and dairy free cake, do you? Well you’re wrong because I had the most delicious slice of rich, gooey chocolate from Leafy Greens Cafe and it was gluten free, sugar free and dairy free! I am not a vegan or gluten free but where I can make healthier eating choices, I do. So sometimes we’ll drive out to Leafy Greens Cafe to enjoy a vegan lunch and I’m not just saying this, but I feel after a healthy lunch here, it’s done the world of good to my body.

where: Rocky Ridge Rd, Muldersdrift

sally williams peanut butter nougat

Peanut butter (on toast) is acceptable for breakfast, right? So what about these new Sally Williams peanut butter nougats? I definitely think so! Also because nougat is mostly egg whites … So you’re having eggs, peanut butter and you just need some toast!


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