As I sit here typing this post I am drinking a good cup of coffee. You’re probably asking where am I? Well the answer is I am sitting at Naked in Sandton City Shopping Centre. Naked just gets their coffee right, all the time! And their banana bread. Let’s not forget the banana bread- you can read more of this in a blog post dedicated to Naked’s Banana Bread. Naked is one of my go to coffice’s*, because the coffee is strong and the WiFi is good, along with a few other spots which I’ll be sharing in this post.

So in no particular order, here are my favourite spots for good coffee and strong WiFi in Johannesburg:


Naked Coffee: This little coffee shop located in Sandton City is just the perfect spot. I love that you can sit down to do some work before you hit the shops or after you have shopped up a spree. The staff are always friendly, the coffee is excellent and the freshly baked treats (read: banana bread!) are delicious! And, the wifi is pretty good too, obviously! I love that you can also choose either to sit by the tables where it’s perfect to people-watch or you can sit on the other side where it’s more quiet and you can concentrate.

Where: Kiosk 4, Level 4, Sandton City, Rivonia Rd


African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel: I’m a little hesitant to tell you about this work spot because it’s my little secret gem but the African Pride Melrose Arch is my favourite place. This isn’t so much an actual coffee shop, but more a library in the hotel. It is my favourite place to spend a morning or afternoon working. The atmosphere is just so cozy, it is nice and quiet and the coffee is delicious too. And let’s not forget, there is wifi!

Where: 1 Melrose Square, Melrose, Johannesburg


Paul Bakery: There is something about Paul Bakery in Melrose Arch that makes me feel like I am overseas somewhere, perhaps Paris (duh!) and I love working in this atmosphere. The French music playing in the background, the smell of freshly baked treats wafting in the air and the chitter chatter of the patrons, I just love it. Besides for all of this, I am also slightly obsessed with Paul’s almond croissants and find I have to satisfy a weekly craving for them. Plus, the coffee is delicious too! And the wifi! I love Pauls, so if you ever in the area, come look for me, as I’m definitely a regular!

Where: Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg


Fab!: This little spot is so close to my heart simply because they make homemade artisan Italian gelato … And you know how much I love all things Italian, especially gelato! Besides for the gelato, I love working here because the coffee is delicious and the wifi is good. Ha! Fab! has two stores, one in Parkhurst and one in Linden, but both are equally as Fab!

Website: www.fabgelato.co.za


Motherland: If I’m not working at the Motherland in Sandton City then I’ll be at the new one at Blubird Shopping Centre. I don’t know what I love more at Motherland – the coffee, the chai latte’s or the actual mugs they use! I think it’s the mugs …

Website: www.motherlandcoffee.com

* A coffice is a term that combines “coffee” and “office” to describe a coffee shop that people go to in order to work. It is an attractive place to work for those who need coffee to function and free WiFi. WAH persons are usually the ones that utilize a coffice when they need a change of scenery to be more productive.


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