Five things I loved in September


The last time I did a post about some of the things I am loving, was in June (FIVE THINGS I LOVED IN JUNE) so it is definitely time to share a few more things I have been loving lately now that it is September.

1. chuckles coconut ice

Two of my favourite things have joined forced into one magical taste sensation and I am the happiest person ever. Thank you Woolworths! Woolworths have brought out a new range of Chuckles made with coconut ice. So it is coconut ice (yum!) enrobed in milk chocolate (yum!) and oh my heavens, it is YUM! Here’s a little tip though, let the milk chocolate melt just a little for an even more decadent treat.

2. 50 shades of pink nails

The new nail trend to hit the celebs of the USA, and social media of course, is a manicure where every nail is painted a different shade in the same colour. Of course I also had to do it, so when I visited my absolute favourite Halo Nail Artistry for my monthly manicure, she did not hesitate to do this in pink (that’s why I love her the mostest).

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3. the scents of spring and summer

I absolutely love the smell of spring and the feeling of positivity that comes with it. The smell of jasmine and the smell of ‘Yesterday Today and Tomorrow” is just heavenly. I often cut a few little stalks of each flower and place them all over my home so the scent can linger on.

4. jasmine yankee candle

Following on from no.3 above, I also love lighting my jasmine Yankee Candle and letting the scent waft throughout the living room. Yip, that is how much I love the smell of jasmine. I wonder though if there is a Yankee Candle with the “Yesterday Today Tomorrow” scent. Is there?

5. moroccan oil treatment

I don’t know why I am only mentioning this product now in this post because I have loved the Moroccan Oil Treatment since forever. It’s definitely not a new beauty product that I have just started using. I use this treatment oil all the time! After I wash my hair when I let my hair air dry, just before I blow dry my hair, and even after. It makes my hair gorgeously shiny while protecting it from all the elements! I love it!

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