Prohibition Blue Gin turns pink … yes please!


There is a new gin on the shelves of your favourite retailer and I am so excited to tell you about it.

Prohibition Blue Gin is the latest innovation from Silver Creek Distillery. This gin gets its striking blue colour from the flower of the Blue Pea, which means it is 100% natural. What has me so excited is the fact that this gin turns pink when it is mixed with lemon or tonic water. How cool is that?

What makes this gin truly unique is that it is made in small batches, which ensures the quality is of the highest standard! It is infused with juniper, as well as coriander, lemon, angelica, cinnamon and a dash of rose water. Because of the amazing quality of this gin, it has already won a Gold Award at the SA Woman’s Wine & Spirit Awards.

Prohibition Blue Gin took many months to develop, says Silver Creek founder and distiller Mark Taverner.

“What we have now is perfect – a beautifully balanced gin that not only complements our existing range but can hold its own in any company.”

The new Prohibition Blue Gin joins a pink and a clear variation in Silver Creek’s gin portfolio. With the launch of Prohibition Blue Gin, comes the invitation to go beyond just a simple G&T this summer. Imagine something as delicious as a G&T granita, poolside? Spruce it up with apples and thyme or enjoy it as a tipple with sweet temptations like a lemon and cardamom tart!

As with the distillery’s already-famous range of fine Moonshines, the Prohibition Gins are handmade, distilled to a fine spirit from carefully selected grains.

Prohibition Craft Gin is versatile, inspiring a range of cocktails. In glass, it shows a fresh, crisp burst of citrus with a base of juniper and a hint of cinnamon. Prohibition Pink Gin is the clear variation further infused with raspberries and blueberries, and a touch of hibiscus flowers and rose water.

Where the newcomer is concerned, Mark maintains that it’s not only the blue colour that makes it so intriguing, but also that it changes to pink with some mixers.

“When it comes into contact with tonic water or lemon, the pH balance changes the colour to a sparkling pink.”

He adds that the blue colouring is 100% natural and likely to fade over time so should be ideally stored out of direct sunlight, in a cupboard or the fridge. Another fascinating fact about the presence of Blue Pea is that in traditional medicine, the flower – Clitoria Tetnatea – is said to have aphrodisiac and antioxidant powers, amongst other life-enhancing properties.

In this libertarian twist, it also links with the legacy of the Prohibition name. Prohibition was a ban imposed on liquor through the campaigns of America’s ultra-conservative Temperance Movement of the early 1900s.

The ban created a fertile environment for the illegal liquor trade and entertaining tales of gin-making by the light of the moon and lively underground speakeasies. Prohibition only lasted for 13 years, ended by overwhelming objection and to this day, its death knell in 1933 is widely celebrated.

Silver Creek Craft Distillery joined that commemoration with Prohibition Gins, part of the proud tradition that does everything by hand – from mashing and fermentation to distillation and bottling. This process allows for extra special care, which is why every bottle is signed by the distiller.

The recommended retail price is just R369/750ml bottle.

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